Will Shoddy Repairs Derail this Chicago Penthouse Renovation? | Windy City Rehab | HGTV

Will Shoddy Repairs Derail this Chicago Penthouse Renovation? | Windy City Rehab | HGTV

Welcome to another exciting blog post about HGTV’s popular show “Windy City Rehab”! Today, we delve into the renovations of a luxurious Chicago penthouse, but with a twist. In this episode, we come across some shoddy repairs that might just derail the entire renovation project. As the homeowners and the skilled renovators face many challenges, will they be able to overcome this setback and complete the project successfully? Let’s find out together as we take a closer look at this fascinating episode of Windy City Rehab.


Alison Victoria is a name well-known in the world of interior design. She is the face behind Windy City Rehab – an HGTV series that showcases her expertise in renovating aged homes in Chicago. Alison is on a mission to restore dignity to these homes and add more square footage, style, and modern twists. In this particular episode, Alison Victoria takes on a Lincoln Park penthouse project that promises potential profits. However, things take an unexpected turn when an inexperienced superintendent tries to hide his shoddy work, putting the entire renovation at risk.

The Penthouse Renovation

The Lincoln Park penthouse project was an exciting opportunity for Alison Victoria. She saw great potential in this space and wanted to make sure that it was restored to its former glory. She began her work, combining upscale designs with her love for her hometown, Chicago. While everything seemed to be going well initially, the project soon hit a snag.

The Inexperienced Superintendent

Alison Victoria had hired an inexperienced superintendent for the renovation project, hoping to give someone new a chance. However, this decision would soon prove to be critical. The superintendent’s lack of experience started causing issues, and he began to cut corners in his work. Instead of fixing any issues that arose during the renovation, he chose to hide them, putting the entire project at risk.

Shoddy Repairs and Derailing the Renovation

When the superintendent’s shoddy repairs began to surface, it became apparent that the renovation project was in trouble. The team discovered that the electrical wiring was not done correctly, leading to potential hazards, and the floor tiles were uneven. Alison had to take immediate action to prevent any further damage to the penthouse and its value.

Alison Victoria’s Approach to the Situation

Alison Victoria, being the experienced interior designer that she is, knew how to handle the situation. She immediately took control and made sure that all the issues with the renovation were addressed promptly. Alison worked closely with her team to fix the shoddy repairs and bring the project back on track.

Windy City Rehab, HGTV, and Community

Alison’s impeccable renovation projects are showcased in HGTV’s Windy City Rehab series. Viewers can stream full episodes of the show and get ideas and inspiration for their renovation projects. HGTV also has a strong social media presence, allowing users to keep updated with upcoming shows and join the community.


The Lincoln Park penthouse renovation was a challenging project for Alison Victoria and her team. However, they overcame all the unexpected challenges and delivered a stunning final product. Alison’s expertise as an interior designer not only transformed this penthouse, but it also increased its value. Shoddy repairs by an inexperienced superintendent could have derailed the entire project, but Alison’s hands-on approach and attention to detail saved the day.


  1. Who is Alison Victoria?
    Alison Victoria is an interior designer and the face behind HGTV’s Windy City Rehab series.

  2. What is Windy City Rehab?
    Windy City Rehab is an HGTV series that showcases Alison Victoria’s renovation projects on aged homes in Chicago.

  3. Was the Lincoln Park penthouse renovation successful?
    Yes, Alison Victoria’s approach and dedication to the project saved the day, and a stunning final product was delivered.

  4. Can users stream full episodes of Windy City Rehab?
    Yes, users can stream full episodes of Windy City Rehab on HGTV’s website.

  5. How can users stay updated with HGTV shows and join the community?
    Users can follow HGTV on social media to stay updated with upcoming shows and join the HGTV community.

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