Upsizing Couple Gets a One-of-a-Kind Basement Remodel | Married to Real Estate | HGTV

Upsizing Couple Gets a One-of-a-Kind Basement Remodel | Married to Real Estate | HGTV

Looking to upsize their home to accommodate their growing family, a couple recently decided to invest in renovating their basement. Working with a professional contractor, they were able to transform the previously unfinished space into a stunning, one-of-a-kind living area that perfectly suits their needs. In this article, we’ll take a look at the couple’s journey and the various elements that went into creating their dream basement remodel. Get ready to be inspired for your next home renovation project!

Upsizing Couple Gets a One-of-a-Kind Basement Remodel | Married to Real Estate | HGTV


The American dream is synonymous with owning a home. However, as families grow, space becomes a premium and relocating to an affordable and spacious city becomes the only option. One couple relocating from San Francisco to Smyrna, Georgia, to acquire a more spacious home for their growing family, sought the help of Egypt Sherrod, a renowned expert in real estate investment and home renovation. Egypt and Mike Jackson assisted the couple in making a wise real estate purchase, complete with a remodel on their basement, which was featured on HGTV’s “Married to Real Estate” show. In this article, we will explore how Egypt and Mike helped the couple and discover the couple’s unique basement remodel.

Why Did The Couple Seek The Help Of Egypt Sherrod?

Moving to a different state could be daunting, especially as far as home purchases and renovations are concerned. For the couple, they were looking forward to owning a more spacious home with a custom-built basement, but they needed professional guidance throughout the whole process. Seeking guidance from Egypt Sherrod and Mike Jackson was the couple’s best decision, as they have unparalleled real estate experience and expertise in home renovation.

How Did Egypt Sherrod Help The Couple Make a Smart Real Estate Purchase?

Egypt Sherrod, a seasoned real estate expert and host of HGTV’s “Married to Real Estate,” has assisted many families in making smart real estate investments. As an expert, she helps her clients get value for their money by assisting them with smart tax deductions, financing, and renovation ideas. Egypt and Mike Jackson worked hand-in-hand with the couple to find a one-of-a-kind basement for their new home. The couple was not only looking for space but also a unique place for their family to bond and relax.

How Did Egypt And Mike Help With The Basement Remodel?

The couple’s basement was an extensive project that required skilled craftsmanship and an eye for detail. The couple needed a basement that could serve multiple functions, from a game room to a home theater. Egypt and Mike collaborated with the couple to design a basement remodel that met their needs. The remodel was tailored to suit the couple’s style and family needs. The basement remodel was completed according to the couple’s budget, and the final product was beyond their expectations.

What Makes “Married To Real Estate” Unique?

HGTV’s “Married to Real Estate” focuses on assisting families in buying smartly and renovating wisely while managing their busy family schedules. The show represents a dynamic couple, Egypt Sherrod and Mike Jackson, who bring unparalleled real estate expertise and renovation ideas to the table. The show offers full episodes and inspiration for home renovation, offering an opportunity for homeowners to learn from the experts and stay on top of real estate trends. The show provides an opportunity for homeowners to improve the value and functionality of their homes.


The journey from relocation, purchasing a property, and renovating a property can be stressful. However, with the help of real estate experts like Egypt Sherrod and Mike Jackson, this process can be simplified. The couple’s basement remodel is an excellent example of how to make the best out of your space and budget. “Married to Real Estate” is a show that provides inspiration and guidance to homeowners, helping them create unique and functional homes.


  1. What is “Married to Real Estate” about?
    “Married to Real Estate” is an HGTV show that follows the dynamic duo of Egypt Sherrod and Mike Jackson, who help families make smart real estate purchases, renovate wisely, and manage their busy schedules.

  2. What real estate services does Egypt Sherrod offer?
    Egypt Sherrod offers a variety of real estate services, including smart tax deductions, financing, and renovation ideas.

  3. What is the premise of the couple’s basement remodel project featured on the show?
    The couple’s basement remodel was tailored to meet their family’s needs and style, making it both a game room and a home theater.

  4. Where can I watch “Married to Real Estate?”
    “Married to Real Estate” airs on HGTV. You can also find full episodes and home renovation inspiration on HGTV’s website, YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook.

  5. What makes “Married to Real Estate” unique compared to other HGTV shows?
    “Married to Real Estate” stands out because it offers real-time real estate insights and renovation ideas from Egypt Sherrod, one of the industry’s most respected experts.

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