Traditional Meets Modern Bathroom

Traditional Meets Modern Bathroom - Build By Design

A Modern Victorian Bathroom?

Let’s take a look at what a modern Victorian bath could look like.

Transcript from the Bath Remodel Video

Hello and welcome to build by design the show that takes you behind the scenes in the latest and greatest trends and styles and home improvement, and today we’re, going to be taking a look at this Victorian, modern, bathroom, so yeah.

This is our latest bathroom and it’s purple. It is probably actually one of my favorite bathrooms that we’ve done it’s, just a really great mix of traditional and modern, and it’s. Gonna be a really fun one to share with you guys.

Oh, let’s, kick on the lights and let’s get in. There looks good, so Victorian. Modern. Tell me about that. What is Victorian modern? Well, it basically is just a blend of traditional elements and modern elements.

It’s really fun when you mix different styles like that together, because it just gives it more of a unique feel and then some really on trend things like our barn door. Yeah, so let’s, talk about the door / table, so this was in a previous film catalog, and this works perfectly yeah.

It’s really fun. It really warms it up over here, too, bringing in natural wood in any space. Just really add so much: it opens up a space. You don’t, have a giant piece of wood flying out in the middle room, and it just looks cool it’s, not something you see every day exactly.

It really comes down to that not having that door swing coming into the room, especially with like a smaller space, and especially in this one, you’re. Not always gonna need to have it closed, because normally you’d, have a door to the bathroom right, so you could just close that.

So it’s, just visually really interesting and it’s there. If you need it so when I saw this wallpaper going up, I wasn’t sure about it, but now that I see it in the space it works. So well what’s? What’s? The idea behind wallpaper! Well, did you figure it out since you’ve got.

I think this space would be really bare without it exactly because it’s texture. So you have a little bit of pattern there and then we tied it in with the same color the. So it flowed really nicely it gives you something to look at while you’re, enjoying your beautiful wall mount toilet.

This is a very modern element in a very little more traditional space. Absolutely what’s great about? Is it’s, easy to clean underneath and then this thing’s, pretty cool too, so you obviously have your choice.

Yeah there’s, really two choices. You need them explained to you. Please comment down below and we’ll go ahead and get back to you all right. So let’s. Talk about let’s. Talk about the shower, what’s great about this? Tile is its marble, and that is a very classic and timeless material.

Combined with this super modern, the door like this, this is pretty cool. It looks like it has like a true like grid pattern built into it, but it’s, a screen printed on to it. So it was at a really great price and it’s, easy to clean yeah, and then it gives you that really a high-end look to have this type of grid pattern for a shower door right.

You see a lot of them right now. You feel, and they’re custom made. So this is a really nice. We’ve brought it to have so tell me about this shower system here. Well, I think the first thing you can notice is the control and the reason that it is placed there or it could have been on this wall as well.

Is that so you don’t have to walk all the way in showers, since we don’t have shower doors to turn it on, and you get your water going really important design decision to consider when you’re. Putting in like a half wall writer says the doors or your your sliding doors.

This is a really great shower system. You have your pressure control, you have your temperature control, of course, and then you have. The body features the handheld and then your overhead like rain shower.

This is just a really a luxury system. You have a lot of different options. I love this vanity and it is such a great value. The color is great and then the counter top is probably my favorite part, because it has the look of marble, but it’s, actually a manufactured stone and it comes with your sink and your hardware.

And then we just added the faucet. No bathroom is complete without a mirror. I absolutely love this mirror. Everything over here is really squared off, so having a round mirror is just a fun card, so these lights are really cool, seeded glass, shades, kind of traditional not to traditional great transition.

That’s. The word I my when in doubt transition transitional yeah. So this is pretty cool. This is a heated towel bar yeah. Everyone needs one keeps your towel. Who doesn’t? T love a warm towel when you get out of the box like when your mom put the dryer and then come get you out of the bath, bringing that all back again.

I love this tile. It is, I mean I love a good color. I love pops of color, but I am always going to have this with love for black and white. Like you said before it’s classic and it’s. Timeless use this pattern.

Is it’s, just a really really fun pop over here, and then we have our bathtub, which is basically like a focal point in the bathroom yeah. We built it up here and the way it was kind of positioned in this corner is definitely in the future.

Tubs are really great for kids, so they’re, really great for resale value. It’s huge having a back step. Absolutely people always get really scared to put a wool rug in a place like a kitchen or bathroom, but they are honestly like the best, because wool is just like the most resilient fiber that there is and it’s.

Gonna just wick away water, nice cozy on your tips, you did a good job at the space floor, good job. So one of the places that the image of this bathroom is going to be is on our shop. I look page and you can go there and you can shop all the products that you see in this bathroom.

It really makes it easy to shop. A curated spaces definitely go check that out also make sure to subscribe to the channel for updates and all the latest content coming out and make sure to like and comment okay.

So we’ll see you in the next space, which is gonna, be a kitchen which is right around the corner, but you’ll have to wait for that Lauren. Thank you. You did an amazing job on the set.

Thank you.

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