Should These Empty Nesters Downsize or Renovate? | Love It or List It | HGTV

Should These Empty Nesters Downsize or Renovate? | Love It or List It | HGTV

Are you an empty nester facing the dilemma of whether to downsize or renovate your home? This is a common predicament that many homeowners encounter as they approach retirement age. In this post, we’ll explore the pros and cons of downsizing versus renovating and help you decide whether to love it or list it. So let’s dive in and discover which option is best for you!

Should These Empty Nesters Downsize or Renovate? | Love It or List It | HGTV


Empty nesters often confront the dilemma of downsizing or staying in their current home. This dilemma is a familiar story that’s at the center of many home improvement shows. Love It or List It, HGTV’s popular home renovation show, features such stories of homeowners who are considering renovating or selling their homes. In this episode, we’ll see a couple who fell in love with their property’s large lot and must decide between downsizing and renovating.

The Story

The couple in this episode of Love It or List It has been living in their house for 30 years. Their children have grown up and moved out, and they’re left with a large house and a large lot. The wife wants to downsize to a townhouse closer to her work since she’s tired of a long commute. The husband, on the other hand, wants to keep their home because of its potential to be a private oasis.

In their quest to make a decision, they’ve reached out to Love It or List It to help them. The show features a team of experts – designers and realtors – who compete for the couple’s final decision. David, the realtor targets ideal listings to prospective buyers, while Hilary, the designer, turns worn-out homes into castles within budget. Thus, the stage is set for a competition between Hilary and David.

The Renovation Option

Hilary is enthusiastic about the couple’s potential renovation project. She presents them with a design to remodel their house to suit their current needs. Her plan involves redefining the layout to make it more functional for the couple, who are empty nesters. She also suggests adding a deck and a pool to fit their desire for a private oasis.

Hilary’s work aims to add value to the couple’s home should they decide to sell it. She takes into account the trends in the real estate market that could impact the home value. Her goal is to make the house current and stylish, while also keeping it functional for the couple’s lifestyle.

The Selling Option

David, the realtor assigned to the couple, is confident that he can find the perfect townhouse that meets their needs. David understands that the commute is an issue for the couple and presents them with listings that are closer to their wife’s work. He also factors in their need for privacy and suggests homes that have more secluded yard spaces.

The realtor’s strategy is to present the couple with a home that meets their needs while also fitting into their budget. He understands the market and knows that the location and upgrades in a house will reflect the purchase price. His job is to find the right house that meets these requirements and helps the couple make the right decision.

The Decision

The episode ends with the couple meeting Hilary and David, who present their final offers. The couple has to decide if they want to go with the renovation, which will take their current house and give it a much-needed facelift or sell their old house and move to a new townhouse. The experts present their offers, and the couple has to choose between them.


The episode ends with the couple making a decision. They decide to go with the renovation plan presented by Hilary. Their decision is based on the design plan that she presented, which met their requirements for a private oasis and also adding value to their home. Thus, the couple decides to stay in their home with the renovation of the house, just the way they wanted it to be.

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