Recycle Plastic Water Bottles with this Vase DIY #HGTV #BargainBlock #DIY

Recycle Plastic Water Bottles with this Vase DIY #HGTV #BargainBlock #DIY

Welcome, DIY enthusiasts! Are you someone who loves to upcycle and recycle? Well, today we have an exciting DIY project for you. We are going to show you how to recycle plastic water bottles by turning them into beautiful vases. This project is not only a great way to help reduce plastic waste but also a fun and creative way to add some unique decor to your home. Follow along with us as we guide you through the steps of this eco-friendly vase DIY project. #HGTV #BargainBlock #DIY


Recycling is crucial for the overall health and sustainability of our planet. Among the most recyclable materials out there are plastic water bottles. With approximately 50 billion non-reusable water bottles finding their way to landfills annually, it’s about time to start thinking of new ways of recycling them. In this article, we’ll explore a simple DIY that involves transforming plastic water bottles into beautiful vases. This project is an excellent way of creating something practical while reducing environmental waste. So, let’s get started!

Materials Needed

Before starting the project, it’s essential to gather all the supplies. For this DIY, you’ll need:

  • Plastic water bottles
  • Colorful tape
  • Spray paint
  • Scissors
  • Drywall knife
  • Sandpaper
  • Garden gloves
  • Acrylic spray

Step 1: Prepping the Bottles

The first step in this process is converting the plastic water bottles into the vase shape. Start by cutting off the water bottle’s neck using the scissors or the drywall knife. Alternatively, you may opt to keep the lid on to add to the vase’s overall design aesthetic. The choice is yours! Use sandpaper to roughen the surface of the bottles to prepare for paint or decorations.

Step 2: Adding Color

After roughening the vase’s surface, it’s time to apply some paint or decorative tape to the vase. Start by using colorful tapes to create your unique designs. You can use a single color or go for multiple colors for added interest. Ensure that you press the tape firmly onto the vase’s surface to prevent peeling while painting.

Once you finish with the decorative tape, it’s time to move onto the painting. For best results, ensure that you wear garden gloves to protect your hands from the spray paint. Apply a thin layer of paint onto the surface, giving it time to dry before adding the next layer.

Step 3: Adding Protection

After painting the vase, you may add a layer of acrylic spray to provide extra protection from chips or scratches. The acrylic spray also gives the vase a beautiful, glossy finish.

And voila! Your DIY vase from recycled water bottles is complete. You’d be surprised how stunning they look on your windowsill or filled with beautiful displays on your table. This project is easy to do, perfect for a rainy weekend, and a fun activity for anyone to try.


Recycling plastic is vital in our efforts to preserve our planet. Finding ways of recycling plastic water bottles, as seen above, not only helps with the environment but saves you money. This easy and fun DIY project transforms a material usually reserved for the trash into something beautiful and practical that can spruce up any living area. So why wait? Grab those plastic water bottles and start making something beautiful!

5 Unique FAQs After The Conclusion

  1. Is it safe to use recycled water bottles for food and drinks?
    It’s not advisable to use recycled water bottles for storing food or drinks as they may have chemicals that can leach into the material.

  2. How many layers of spray paint should I apply?
    It’s best to do several thin coats to prevent runs and uneven drying.

  3. Can you use any type of plastic water bottle for this DIY?
    Yes, you can use any plastic water bottle for this DIY project.

  4. Can I use other types of decorative material instead of tape?
    Absolutely! You may use stickers, craft paper, or even fabric to create unique designs.

  5. Do I need any special artistic skills to complete this DIY?
    No artistic skills are required to complete this DIY project. A willingness to experiment and some patience are all you need to create beautiful vases from recycled water bottles.