Real ReBuild – Update Before Drywall

Real ReBuild - Update before Drywall


Drywall Video Transcription

Build show friends welcome back. I got a great video for you today, not about anything specific, but lots of good things. We’re at my house under construction. This is the real rebuild project and if you’ve been following along, i’ve had a lot of fun, but it’s.

Taken me a while i’m about a year in plus uh on this project, and i’m just hanging sheetrock. I took some time off for kovid to try and make sure i knew what was going on in the world, but we’re back on track and i’m, actually hanging sheetrock this week.

So i thought i’d. Walk you through and show you a few of the details that i did that are a little bit different, a little bit cool a few of the products today’s, build show all about my real rebuild right before drywall.

Let’s. Get going [, Music ] – hopefully you guys saw my james hardy video. My siding absolutely looks fantastic on this house and i ‘ Ve got a future video, i think on my garage, but let me show you a couple details that are not going to be readily apparent after i get into sheetrock first off.

I think you probably understand i ‘ Ve got living space above here. Let me back up a little bit, so you can see it so. My boys bedrooms are up there at those windows. There’s a hall bath, and so we walk into the garage.

This is just roof right here, but here i’ve got living space above, which means that to meet current codes, i’m under the 2017 irc international residential code. 20. Sorry, 2015. Irc. I need to have a fire barrier between the house and living space, which means that i need to sheet rock the ceiling.

Now i’ve, never shown this in a video, but what i did was i used rock wool through most of the house, but i used a little bit of spray foam in this space because i wanted that spray foam to stick. But when i did it, i froth packed this part right here where it goes into the house, and i put some sheetrock up just some strips first so that i could sheetrock pardon me.

So i could spray foam down onto that sheetrock. That’s. A great tip now in the rest of the garage, i got some cool plans. I think i ‘ Ll actually make a video on this, but i’m not going to use sheetrock on these walls or this wall, and i’m going to cover this so stay tuned for that video.

But one cool thing. I did in my garage that i really have been excited about is i’ve used a bunch of endura products, including this brand new product. They’re, calling fusion frame. So let’s. Take a look at this.

This is my door from the garage into the house and what’s? Cool about this fusion frame is that this is a split, jamb and trim material, and i took some video of this, while the guys are installing it okay.

So the next thing that i did for mandurah was between my house and my garage. I used their really cool three-point locker system. What’s happening is when the door locks it ‘ S got multiple engagement points on the door, so there’s.

Actually one two three engagement points and you saw how that blade was kind of curved. Let’s, see if i can zoom in on that that curved blade right. There means that when this door actually shuts it’s, locking in tight and pushing that door up against the frame, so i’m gonna get a really nice nice tight seal, better security, of course, but the big thing that i Cared about was a nice tight seal.

I never got a chance to make a video on this. This is my not this. This is my frame for my skylights, which i ‘ Ll tell you about in a second, but this is a really cool water. Heater called a sand in a heat pump water heater, and this is a split system.

I should probably make a whole video on this, so maybe i won’t get into too much today, but basically the idea is this: stainless steel tank lives inside the house and then see these pipes right here.

These are pre-insulated open or inch pex lines that run at the top and the bottom of the tank, and then my plumber did an amazing job of snaking. Those in one piece, no joints all the way through this attic here and then down and out that sidewall, you can kind of see it right there and what’s happening is outside there’s, an outdoor unit which is going to Make the actual hot water and it’s, going to send it to the unit here, and this is basically just a storage tank.

The outdoor unit is a perfect spot in my hot humid climate to get hot air or to get heat rather out of the air dump it into this tank for holding, and then i can distribute to the house, but the cop. The coefficient of performance is crazy.

High it’s like a round four, so the most efficient heat pump water heater that i’ve ever seen, but the other cool thing about this is it can go quite hot, so much so that you ‘ Ve got a mixing valve right here on the unit and that mixing valve is going to make sure that i’m, not scalding.

Anybody because i’ll, probably set this thing at 140, 150, maybe even 160 degrees, and i want to make sure that no one’s getting scalded. Another thing that’s happening is, i’ve got an open or fin. I’ll show you about that later, but that’s going in this spot and then i’ve got a pump, which i’m, actually going to cut in right here. Let me take one minute and show you that if you’re not familiar, this is a metlin demand pump.

I’m just opening this box. That i literally just closed yesterday to leave until later, but i wanted to show you what was in here. Okay, so here’s. The deal this little pump right here looks like a you know.

Probably a taco brand pump has a little brain attached and has let’s, see if i can find it a thermocouple here. It is right here it’s attached to this little nipple right here and actually open it up.

So you can see it so what’s happening? Is we’re, going to thread this on to the pump, and now the pump is going to recognize temperature through its little brain? Here we go so airflow. Pardon me, water flow is going to go this way through the pump and, as the return loop on my house brings water back this little thermocouple, which gets attached to this brain right here, will go.

Oh wait a minute! The water’s hot. I’m, going to turn the pump off, so this is, in effect a hot water circ pump, but here’s, the beauty of it it’s, not serking, based on a timer, which i don’t, Like those because they waste water, you know that’s.

What hotels do they put them on a timer, which means all 100 occupants of the hotel anytime? You turn on a faucet is going to get hot, pretty quick, but at the house we don ‘ T need that you know we’re, going to have many many hours at a time where no one’s calling for hot water.

You know if i leave the house and the kids are all gone for the day i don’t want my timer going. I also don’t want some timer system that says. Oh every morning i get up at uh. You know 5 a.m, but i don’t get up at 5 a.

m. Every morning, some mornings i get up at 6, or i sleep in until 7 on the weekends, whereas a lot of mornings. I do now here’s. The cool part, the way that this pump gets activated, is what i really like.

They’ve got lots of retrofit options which are bluetooth, and that’s. What this is that’s, also what this is uh. So this is actually a push button bluetooth there’s a button. This one is a motion sensor bluetooth, so you can actually go.

Oh, let ‘ S set this in the bathroom when i walk in it’ll turn on this. One is more like hey. I’m coming in. I want to press the button and go uh. They also have wall mounted options of motion. So if you want to put this, let’s say in a kid’s bath where they walk in, they’re, probably going to be using the shower and the tub area.

They could use that. But this is actually my favorite. This is a wall switch that’s, what they call a demand, switch or a momentary contact, switch that’s. What i’m going to say sorry, so it ‘ S only got one place to click and when i click that thing it’s, gonna click on the pump down here when the pump’s running it’s.

Gonna it’s, gonna light, the light. So i know that and if i click it and the water’s already circed it’s not going to circuit again, because that thermocouple knows hey the water’s still warm here. This is a really smart system.

In fact, i installed one of these on my current house 15 years ago, and it’s still running strong and back at that time, they didn’t have all these cool controls? All they had was this, which is basically a doorbell button which you can still use today, and i have this on the side of my vanity, this little doorbell button, which says: hey, momentary, contact me and get me going again, and this will light.

This will turn the pump on now. This is the least obtrusive way, and i might actually use something like this in my kitchen, but i’m going to use these momentary contacts in my kids beds, good company, i know larry the owner of the company, very, very cool people, and you Can use these on both retrofit and new construction, so i’ll.

I’ll uh. I’ll wrap some of this stuff with my sand and water heater, my metal and demand, and my fin water control system up later, but i’ll put some links below. If you’re interested. Let me show you the next cool thing that i have not mentioned before, and they just literally got installed last week, of course, while i was on vacation and that’s these right here, i did a ton of research on which skylights to use And i ended up deciding to use this brand now.

This is a german brand called lamelux. These are triple glazed skylights, meaning there’s, three panes of glass. They’re thermally, broken on the frame of the units and the one particular unit is also motorized, and that’s.

What this cool screen is this little uh brush seal right here is keeping the bugs out when the motor arm is extending it up, but man. The numbers on this thing are incredible: it’s twice as efficient as anything i could find.

That was the standard, double glaze, all kinds of different colors. You can option for the outside very very cool skylight. I got it from 475 supply. I’ll, put a link to those guys in the description below, but i’ve for years, search, long and hard for anything.

Besides, double glaze, because skylights in this area of a house really in any area of the house, are going to let a ton of heat in or a ton of cold if it’s, a cold climate and having those to be really really good.

Glass makes a big big difference, so i’m, really excited about that. While i’m thinking about it uh this kind of tv sizing chart is up here. What do you guys think uh? You know working on a full sonos install for my house, because i can pretty much do it myself, but what do you think i should do 65-inch tv? This is the let’s see the tv is the couch.

The back of the couch is like right at the back of that sheetrock right there. So as you look at that tv, it’s about 12 feet from the back of the couch. Should i go 65 inch, which is the smaller size, or should i go 75 inch that extra strip there that strip on the top and actually this one fell but and that one right there would be a 65 inch tv size comment below? I’d, like to know what you think.

I should do a couple of things that i wanted to mention, and this is really more of job site maintenance. But you know before you get into the drywall phase, you pretty much need to clear the house out and one of the things that i’ve, been doing here at the job site.

Besides, making videos, of course, is job officing, and so i ‘ Ve got a mock-up for an island that i made. If you saw my cabinet video, which has turned out to be a great little spot for everything, but unfortunately i get hss, which is horizontal surface syndrome.

That thing fills up easily. This little folding job desk fills up easily and i did finally get these out. But i had a sweet uh low table that i made with these tough built sawhorses because they’re fully adjustable.

I really like that uh and i had a sheet of plywood over those. I just got this out yesterday. I’m gonna set some of that up in the garage, but uh emptying the house before sheetrock and getting everything out and finalized what a ton of work uh.

So i’ve got a video coming up on putty pads and acoustic sealants. So i won’t get into this in this, but i did want to mention these cool things that i found actually at the home center really well priced.

But i was looking for some access panels that i could get and it looks like odi makes these. I found them locally in a six by nine and a fourteen by fourteen, and let me show you how they work. Let’s, see i’ve got one over here.

I’m gonna take this. Take this light with me, but this is my pantry and check out that sweet box right there. Hopefully, you can see the light in here. I think we’re. Okay, i need to cut this conduit down, but these these boxes are super cool.

You can mount them uh with the flange up against the the studs like i did, and then that way the sheetrocker will come and just put sheetrock to there. I need to redo my insulation in here, but then i’ll put this access panel when i’m done and then, if i ever need access to that, i know exactly where it is.

It’ll, be in the bottom of my pantry. The other option is, you could cut the hole later and i think that’s kind of why they sell these at the home center. For, like you know, if you cut access for plumbing and later wanted to do it so that the flange would be on the face of the she rock.

But i’m going to use these in a couple different places in my house, including, i think at the back of all my hose bibs. You know i used aqua hose bibs. They tell me they’re about 25 year service life before you might need to do anything to them, but i’m, going to put one of those bigger ones here, where i’ve got a hose bib.

I also put one here where i have an extra what they call d mark wire on the side of my house and i had to block over and i’m missing. I need to reinsulate this, but because i had to block over. Maybe i should have done the bigger size, but either way i’m, really thankful.

I’ve got exterior insulation on my house. That exterior insulation means that i’m, not super worried about a couple areas that might have reduced insulation. For instance, i’ve got some sonos speakers and sonos has a partnership with sonnens, so these in-wall architecturals are basically sauna.

Speakers, sonnens brackets that a sonos speaker will fit in and this wire that runs to that sono speaker will go all the way back to my media cabinet back here, which has my sonos amp, but, as you can see, when that thing gets installed, it’s like three and i don’t, know 7 16 inch deep.

So it’s. Basically taking my entire cavity, no room for insulation. It’s on an outside wall, but i’m, not super worried about it because i’ve got. You know two inches of full depth, exterior insulation on the whole outside of my house.

So i was super excited about that. Knowing that i had a couple of those problem areas that weren’t that big a deal ooh a little dark in here, let’s, see if we can see, i may have to grab my my light. Oh, i got a flashlight with me: how about we flashlight it? There we go.

This is kind of a bummer. This looks like a window in my uh in my bathroom, not a bummer. I should have framed this wall as a two by six wall. I framed it as a two by four wall and once i realized my mistake, it was too late.

You think i’ve been building long enough. I wouldn’t make these mistakes, but i did so with these openings here. I’m, going to be using quiet rock on the back side of that wall, and then these are going to get some sweet row burn cabinets.

I’ll. Show you those when i do some future videos on the bathroom i’m, also going to make a future video on my schluter system. I’m, really really pleased with their waterproofing system. Now i had to install this part early and i put a fake curb on it.

It will be curbless later, but i had to do that to pass my flood test here in the city of austin, but that’s. Looking good, oh, this is blocked. I don’t know. If i’ve told you about this. I have some mr steam towel bars that are a heated towel bar that’s.

A luxury i’m, really excited about had to block for those things ahead of time and let’s, go upstairs and see. If there’s, anything else worth noting on the upstairs of the house, man, those skylights, are awesome.

Aren’t, they bird springs a ton extra light, even at 8 a.m. On a cloudy morning, you can see how much more light i’ve got in here because of those skylights drywall guys are starting tomorrow. Pretty excited about that all right, guys.

A couple cool, low voltage tips here, uh real fast. I’m doing sonos at my house, but i’m doing some of their architectural speakers and these brackets, which sonnens makes which i think is actually a different company than sonos, are really awesome.

These are going to get mounted up here where that speaker wire is but here’s. A low volt conduit tip that we just learned andrew, and i i’m, saying andrew and i andrew googled and figured out which i didn’t, know not being an electrician or a level guy but check this out.

This is standard. Smurf tube this clicks on and is holding into the tube here and then see those threads show us what you got going on andrew. We’re gonna mount it down into this standard, low volt box, and then this is just a ring.

That’s, gonna screw on there and then once that ring is screwed on that’s. Gon na hold that thing in place on the box. So now it’s not going to move in that cool. Now we’re going to put, i guess we could forget the pull string, it’s, not like it’s going very far, and this is an arlington tv, recessed box.

There’s. A corner mounted electrical outlet there and then from the low volt panel to here, we’ve run a cat6e a coax. This is power from the electrician. These are the two speaker wires that are running down that box as well.

I’m, going to have a low cabinet here that will have a sonos amplifier and then i’m using the sonos sound bar. It’s called the arc which should be mounted right below the tv, and then you can see those wires are on overhead.

All the way to here – and the last thing we got to do over here is just install these two brackets and then we’re good to go, but i thought those tips could be helpful to you. My daughter’s. Bedroom’s.

Looking good, oh yeah, i probably should make a video on this, but i’m. Doing some quiet rock and some specific soundproofing details on this wall between my daughter’s. Bedroom and my boys beds probably should do something on that.

Oh here we go. This is cool, it needs to be cut down, but this is the wire for my metal and demand system. So i ‘ Ll cut this here that keypad that i showed you, this momentary contact will go here and this will circle the pump, which is all the way downstairs all right guys that’s, probably about all that i’ve got for you today.

I really appreciate you guys coming out for a quick reel, rebuild update. I’m, making a video on blocking and last minute kind of preparations for drywall, so stay tuned for that video. I also have a good video on installation, not sure when that’s getting published in comparison to this, but man my house has been super super fun.

I’m, a little nervous that i’m getting into drywall tomorrow. Then i forgot something so much so that actually had a huge zit uh on my nose last week. I think all that stress was just coming out of my pores thinking gosh.

What did i forget, but i appreciate all your support. This re-road build project, wouldn’t have happened really without you guys, encouraging me to video the process and talk about my personal build and i’ve.

Had a lot of great companies come on board that have given me some severe discounts on products which has been awesome but guys. Thank you for all your support. If you’re, not currently a build show subscriber hit that subscribe button.

You know we ‘ Ve got new content here, every tuesday and every friday follow me on twitter and instagram. Otherwise, we ‘ Ll. See you next time on the build, show you

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