I Didn’t Want To Build This…

I Didn't Want To Build This...

When we set out to accomplish something, we often have a clear vision in mind. But what happens when that vision takes a sharp turn in another direction? In this blog post, we’ll explore the story of how something unexpected and unforeseen ended up being built, and the lessons that can be learned from embracing opportunities that arise unexpectedly. Join us as we delve into the world of unexpected creativity and innovation in “I Didn’t Want To Build This…


Do you ever have those projects that you know you need to tackle, but just can’t muster the motivation to start? For me, it was remodeling my kids’ bathroom. I knew it needed a complete overhaul – stars on the ceiling, a fun tub insert for bath time, and new flooring. But the thought of all that work made me want to procrastinate indefinitely. Yet, as fate would have it, I stumbled upon a YouTube channel that changed everything.

Heading 1: The Show That Inspired Me

Subheading 1: Bathroom Remodel on a Budget

The first video I watched was a budget-friendly bathroom remodel that caught my eye. They had the exact tub insert I was hoping to install for my kids’ bathroom and the paint color was just perfect. Seeing it all come together in the video was extremely inspiring and gave me the motivation I needed to finally tackle my own bathroom project.

Subheading 2: Sweetnight’s Starry Night Mattress

Another video from the same channel featured the Sweetnight’s Starry Night Mattress for a good night’s sleep. I had been in the market for a new mattress and this one sounded like exactly what I was looking for. I appreciated the detailed review and the fact that it wasn’t just another sponsored product video.

Heading 2: The Merchandise

Subheading 1: Products Used in the Videos

The YouTube channel features numerous products throughout their videos, and I found myself taking notes on what I wanted to purchase. From the exact tub insert used in the kids’ bathroom remodel, to the insulating foam they used in the attic, the channel kept me informed on what worked and what didn’t. I appreciated that they gave their honest opinions on the products, as it helped me make informed decisions for my own home improvement projects.

Subheading 2: Merchandise Available for Purchase

Additionally, the channel had merchandise available for purchase, like t-shirts and mugs with their logo on it. While I didn’t buy anything myself, I thought it was a clever way for them to further advertise their brand and connect with their viewers.

Heading 3: Building Know-How

Subheading 1: Drywall Repairing Methods

One video that particularly caught my attention was the explanation of different drywall repairing methods. It’s something that I had always wanted to learn but didn’t want to invest in a class or ask a professional. Thankfully, the video broke down step-by-step how to fix common drywall issues. It was incredibly helpful and gave me the confidence to tackle those little fixes around the house.

Subheading 2: Flooring Comparison

Another video that I found extremely informative was the comparison of cheap and expensive flooring from Home Depot. I had always assumed that cheaper flooring meant lower quality, but the video proved me wrong. It showed that there are affordable options that can still look great and hold up over time. It was a valuable lesson that I will definitely keep in mind for future home improvement projects.

Subheading 3: Toilet Replacement

For those who have ever replaced a toilet, you know just how messy and challenging it can be. That’s why I was grateful for the video demonstration on how to replace a toilet without any spillage. It provided tips and tricks that I would never have thought of on my own, but will definitely come in handy the next time I need to replace a toilet.

Heading 4: Follow-Up

Subheading 1: Social Media Links

The YouTube channel had links to all of their social media platforms, like Instagram and Twitter. It made it easy to follow along with their latest projects and keep up to date with all their tips and tricks.

Subheading 2: Podcast Details

The channel also had a podcast available that delved deeper into different home renovation topics. While I didn’t listen to any episodes, it’s something that I would consider in the future if I needed more information on a specific topic.


All in all, watching the videos on this YouTube channel changed my outlook on home renovation projects. It showed me that with a bit of know-how and some helpful tips, even the most daunting projects can be tackled with confidence. I appreciated their honest opinions on products and their willingness to share their expertise. It’s a channel that I will definitely continue to follow and look to for inspiration on my next home project.


  1. What is the YouTube channel that inspired your bathroom remodel project?
  2. Where can I buy the exact tub insert used in their kids’ bathroom remodel?
  3. Do they offer any classes or workshops on home improvement projects?
  4. What was the most helpful video on the YouTube channel?
  5. How do I submit a project idea for the channel to feature in one of their videos?

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