How to Pick Your Kitchen Cabinet Color Scheme #HGTV #MindToDesign

How to Pick Your Kitchen Cabinet Color Scheme #HGTV #MindToDesign

Are you planning to remodel your kitchen but struggling to choose the perfect color scheme for your cabinets? Look no further! We’ve gathered expert advice and design inspiration to help you find the right color combination to create the kitchen of your dreams. In this post, we’ll guide you through the process of selecting the perfect kitchen cabinet color scheme, with insights from top designers at HGTV and tips to make your #MindToDesign a reality.

How to Pick Your Kitchen Cabinet Color Scheme with HGTV and MindToDesign


Choosing the right color scheme for your kitchen cabinets can be daunting. There are countless different colors, shades, and combinations to choose from, and the possibilities can be overwhelming. Luckily, with the help of HGTV and their show MindToDesign with Jasmine Roth, you can find the perfect inspiration to help guide your decision-making process and create the kitchen of your dreams.

HGTV is known for offering full episodes filled with home renovation shows and inspirational content to help you improve your living space. Whether you are looking for ideas on color schemes or design inspiration, HGTV has you covered. In this article, we will explore how you can use HGTV and MindToDesign as resources in your search for the perfect kitchen cabinet color scheme.

HGTV Offers Full Episodes and Inspiration

HGTV provides a full range of resources to help inspire your color scheme decisions. Their website features amazing renovation and design ideas, including different kitchen cabinet color combinations. You will be able to find videos and pictures of real-life examples that can help guide your kitchen renovation process.

Along with the extensive website, HGTV provides an abundance of video content to help inspire you on the platform. You can subscribe to their YouTube channel to access a range of videos to help you plan your dream kitchen look.

Follow HGTV on Social Media

Follow HGTV on social media to stay in the loop on current design trends and inspiration. You can follow HGTV on Twitter or Facebook to stay updated on the latest home renovation trends and design ideas.

Additionally, HGTV’s social media accounts can connect you with a community of people also interested in home renovation and interior design. As you gain inspiration from their content, you can share your own projects, connect with an online community, and engage with other home renovation enthusiasts.

Join the HGTV Community

HGTV also has a community page where you can connect with like-minded people and professionals in the home renovation industry. The community offers a platform for discussion and idea sharing with members from all over the world.

With an HGTV community membership, you can engage in live Q&A sessions, checklists of items you’ll need for home improvement projects, discounts for selected interior-design stores, and much more.

MindToDesign with Jasmine Roth

One specific show on HGTV that can assist in picking the perfect kitchen cabinet scheme is called MindToDesign with Jasmine Roth. Jasmine Roth is a professional designer who features on the show and helps homeowners with their renovation process. She is filled with tips and provides examples on color schemes, design, and layout possibilities.

This show can be a great resource for inspiration and design ideas in picking your kitchen cabinet color scheme to create your dream kitchen.


In conclusion, with the vast resources offered by HGTV and MindToDesign with Jasmine Roth, choosing your kitchen cabinet color scheme can become an inspiring and manageable task. Draw from the numerous real-life examples and design tips to find the perfect kitchen cabinet combination.

Speak to design professionals who are part of the HGTV community to get their input and advice. By following HGTV on social media, you will receive constant updates on the latest design trends and renovation ideas. Finally, by using MindToDesign with Jasmine Roth, you will be able to achieve your dream kitchen in no time.


  1. Can I find color scheme ideas for other parts of my house on HGTV?
    • Yes, HGTV is a great resource for inspiration related to all areas of your home renovation process.
  2. Can I watch full episodes of MindToDesign online?
    • Yes, full episodes of MindToDesign with Jasmine Roth can be found on the HGTV website and on the HGTV YouTube channel.
  3. Can I connect with other people interested in home renovation on the HGTV community page?
    • Yes, you can join the HGTV community to connect with other people interested in home renovation and receive professional advice.
  4. What is the cost to join the HGTV community?
    • The HGTV community is free to join and offers plenty of benefits and discounts to help with your home renovation projects
  5. Can I follow HGTV on social media for design inspiration?
    • Yes, following HGTV on social media can provide you with a wealth of design inspiration and renovation ideas.

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