Home Tour: Inside Tarek & Heather Rae El Moussass Beach House | Flipping El Moussas | HGTV

Home Tour: Inside Tarek & Heather Rae El Moussass Beach House | Flipping El Moussas | HGTV

Welcome to a wonderful sneak-peek inside the stunning beach house owned by Tarek and Heather Rae El Moussa! As stars of the hit HGTV show Flipping El Moussas, Tarek and Heather have wowed their fans with their exceptional home renovation skills. Now, get ready to experience their personal vacation home’s beauty, style, and comfort as we take an exclusive tour. From its serene ocean views to its elegant interior design, every detail of this spectacular beach house is sure to leave you in awe. So, let’s step inside and explore this magnificent coastal retreat!

Home Tour: Inside Tarek & Heather Rae El Moussass Beach House | Flipping El Moussas | HGTV


Are you a fan of the hit show Flipping El Moussas? Have you ever wondered what Tarek and Heather’s personal residence looks like? Well, you’re in luck! They’ve invited HGTV into their home for an exclusive tour.

Life with Son, Tristan

The El Moussas welcomed their second child into the world in September 2020. They shared how much their son, Tristan, has brought them joy and happiness. In the tour, they gave viewers a glimpse into the nursery, which they designed themselves. The nursery features a calming color palette of blue and green, with a nautical theme. The couple shared that they wanted the room to feel peaceful and serene for their baby boy.

Personal Tour of the Nursery

Tarek and Heather gave a personal tour of the nursery, showcasing the thoughtful details they added to make it their own. They talked about the bedding, which Heather picked out, and the artwork on the walls. The space also includes a cozy glider where Heather can rock Tristan to sleep. The El Moussas wanted to create a space where they could bond with their son comfortably.

Their Favorite Spaces in their Home

The couple took viewers on a tour of their favorite spots in their beach house. They showed off their spacious living room, which features a stunning fireplace and an ocean view. They also shared their patio with outdoor seating, where they like to gather with friends and family. Tarek and Heather’s home is full of natural light and includes designs that are both functional and beautiful.

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Tarek and Heather graciously shared their beautiful beach house with HGTV, giving fans an inside look into their lives. From the nursery to their favorite spaces in the home, Tarek and Heather’s residence is full of personal touches and beautiful designs. Subscribe to HGTV’s YouTube channel, follow them on Twitter and Facebook, and join their community, so you don’t miss out on any of the latest buzz.


  1. Can I watch Flipping El Moussas on HGTV’s YouTube channel?
    Yes, you can find full episodes of Flipping El Moussas on HGTV’s YouTube channel.

  2. Is there a way to participate in HGTV’s community?
    Yes, you can join HGTV’s community on their website and participate in discussions with other fans.

  3. When did Tarek and Heather’s son, Tristan, arrive?
    Tristan was born in September 2020.

  4. What theme did Tarek and Heather choose for their son’s nursery?
    They chose a nautical theme, featuring a calming color palette of blue and green.

  5. What kind of content can I find on HGTV’s social media channels?
    You can find everything from inspiration for your next home renovation project to tutorials and sneak peeks of your favorite shows.

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