Fire-Damage THREATENS Renovation of Historic Wicker Park Triplex | Windy City Rehab | HGTV

Fire-Damage THREATENS Renovation of Historic Wicker Park Triplex | Windy City Rehab | HGTV

Welcome, readers, to our latest blog post discussing the fire damage that has posed a serious threat to the renovation of a historic Wicker Park triplex, as featured on the HGTV show Windy City Rehab. In this article, we will delve into the impact that the fire has had on the renovation project, explore the challenges faced by builders, and highlight the resilience of the project’s team in overcoming these obstacles. Keep reading to learn more about this fascinating story and discover the latest developments in the effort to restore this beautiful historic property.

Fire-Damage THREATENS Renovation of Historic Wicker Park Triplex | Windy City Rehab | HGTV


The renovation of old homes is a delicate but necessary process to preserve historic neighborhoods. Alison Victoria, the host of HGTV’s Windy City Rehab, specializes in restoring old homes while adding modern twists to them. In one episode, Alison discovers an 1885 triplex with fire damage in Wicker Park, Chicago. The restoration process, however, is threatened by hidden structural damage from the fire that could jeopardize their chances of making a profit. In this article, we’ll explore the challenges faced by Alison Victoria and her team during the renovation of this historic Wicker Park triplex.

The Discovery

The 19th-century Wicker Park building that caught the eye of Alison Victoria was a hidden gem. The triplex had fallen into disrepair, and a structural fire had significantly damaged the building. But Victoria saw beyond the damage. She knew that the building had the potential to become a stunning piece of history with the right approach.

Alison tries to mix old and new elements in the restoration process, creating a unique design that respects the original features of the building. Her aim is to restore dignity to the neglected houses while adding more square footage to them.

The Challenges

The fire damage uncovered hidden structural issues that presented a major challenge to Alison’s restoration plan. She planned to open up the building’s layout by introducing high-end finishes, new appliances, and custom millwork. However, the structural damage was so extensive that it threatened the very integrity of the building.

But, as she always does, Alison took the challenge head-on. She assembled an experienced team of remodelers and engineers to find a solution to the structural problems. It took months of planning and meticulous execution, but in the end, the team overcame the challenges, and the triplex was ready for the final touches.

The Restoration

Alison Victoria is renowned for her ability to combine design and functionality in her restoration projects. And in the Wicker Park triplex, she had an opportunity to showcase her creativity and expertise. The building’s original features were preserved, but modern elements such as sleek cabinetry, ambient lighting, and cozy fireplaces were added to make the triplex comfortable and functional.

The triplex’s living space was opened up by removing walls and creating an open-concept floor plan. A brand new kitchen was installed, complete with stainless steel appliances. The bathrooms were modernized with new tiling and custom vanities, and gorgeous hardwood floors were installed throughout the building.

HGTV Inspiration

Alison’s expertise in restoring old homes with modern twists has made her famous on HGTV. HGTV not only offers full episodes of Windy City Rehab, but also provides inspiration and support for viewers who are interested in design and renovation. From DIY solutions to expert advice, there is something for everyone on HGTV.


The restoration of the Wicker Park triplex was a challenging undertaking, but, as always, Alison Victoria and her team delivered a stunning result. The triplex is now a grand masterpiece of Wicker Park’s historic past, while also offering the modern comforts and amenities sought by homeowners today. Thanks to HGTV, viewers can be inspired by Alison’s projects and learn new skills to improve their own homes.

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