Get ready for an exclusive sneak peek behind the scenes of the popular home renovation series, Windy City Rehab, airing on HGTV. Join us as we explore the stunning transformations, unique design choices, and challenges faced by host Alison Victoria and her team as they work their magic on some of Chicago’s oldest homes. From surprise setbacks to jaw-dropping reveals, this behind-the-scenes look is sure to have you glued to your screen!


Are you a fan of home renovation and design shows? If yes, then you would be familiar with Alison Victoria, a Chicago-based designer and home renovation expert who never backs down from any renovation obstacle no matter how big or small. She is widely known for her exceptional design skills and innovative approach to home renovation. Alison Victoria is back for the fourth season of her popular show, Windy City Rehab, where she delivers extraordinary homes with stunning designs that will leave you in awe. In this article, we will take an exclusive sneak peek into what to expect from the latest season of Windy City Rehab.

What to Expect in Season 4 of Windy City Rehab

A Fresh Start

After facing some difficulties in the previous season, Alison Victoria is determined to turn a new leaf and make things right in season four of Windy City Rehab. With a focus on delivering exceptional homes with extraordinary designs, Alison is ready to overcome any renovation obstacle and work tirelessly to deliver on her promise.

Innovative Designs

Alison Victoria is known for her exceptional design skills, and in season four, she takes it up a notch by delivering breathtaking designs that are sure to leave you in awe. From the use of unconventional materials to mixing bold colors and incorporating unique textures, Alison’s designs are nothing short of artistic masterpieces.

Inspiring Transformations

One of the reasons why Windy City Rehab is so popular is because of the incredible transformations that Alison Victoria brings to every home she renovates. From outdated and rundown spaces to stunning and functional living areas, Alison’s work is truly inspiring and a testament to her dedication and expertise.

HGTV – The Ultimate Inspiration

HGTV is a great source of inspiration and ideas for anyone interested in home renovation and design. With full episodes and content available on their website, you can easily binge-watch your favourite shows and get inspired by the incredible designs and renovation projects. You can also subscribe to HGTV’s YouTube channel, follow them on Twitter, and like their Facebook page to stay updated on the latest shows and get access to exclusive content.

Join the HGTV Community

Apart from being a great source of inspiration, HGTV is also a community of like-minded individuals who share a passion for home renovation and design. You can join the HGTV community by creating an account on their website and interacting with other members who share your interests.


Alison Victoria is back for the fourth season of her popular show, Windy City Rehab, and this time she is determined to deliver exceptional homes with breathtaking designs that are sure to leave you in awe. With a focus on innovative designs and inspiring transformations, Alison is all set to overcome any obstacle and deliver on her promise. And with HGTV as the ultimate source of inspiration and a community of like-minded individuals, anyone can join the home renovation and design movement.


  1. When will season four of Windy City Rehab air on HGTV?
    Ans: The exact date is not yet announced, but it is expected to air in mid-2022.

  2. Where can I watch full episodes of Windy City Rehab?
    Ans: You can watch full episodes of Windy City Rehab on HGTV’s website or subscribe to their YouTube channel.

  3. Is Alison Victoria a licensed contractor?
    Ans: Yes, Alison Victoria is a licensed contractor and has extensive experience in the field of home renovation and design.

  4. Does HGTV offer any free resources for home renovation and design?
    Ans: Yes, HGTV offers a wide range of free resources such as design tips, renovation guides, and DIY project ideas on their website.

  5. Can I submit my renovation project to HGTV for consideration?
    Ans: Yes, you can submit your renovation project to HGTV for consideration by filling out a submission form on their website.

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