Get ready for an exciting sneak peek into the latest season of Renovation Wild, the hit HGTV show that follows contractor and designer, Charlie Frattini, as he brings new life to some of the most neglected cabins and homes in the wilderness. Featuring stunning transformations and awe-inspiring before-and-afters, Renovation Wild is a must-watch series for anyone who loves interior design, architecture, and the great outdoors. And now, with this exclusive sneak peek, you can get a first look at what’s in store for the upcoming season. Don’t miss out on the action – read on for all the details!

Exclusive Sneak Peek: Renovation Wild by HGTV

Are you looking for the next show to binge-watch on your streaming platform? Look no further than HGTV’s latest hit show, “Renovation Wild”. This show offers a unique twist to traditional home improvement as it takes place in the heart of Zambia, Africa. The show follows the journey of two eco-tourism lodge owners, Grant and Lynsey Cumings, as they renovate their two remote safari lodges. As they balance renovating their resorts, dealing with wildlife, and trying not to get lost in the African bush, viewers can expect an exciting journey through Zambia’s breathtaking landscapes.

Two Zambian Safari Resorts Featured in HGTV’s Renovation Wild

Are you a fan of properties set in the middle of nature, or lodges that contribute to the environment’s preservation? Then you’ll love this new show by HGTV. The restoration of two safari lodges in Zambia, Africa, is the latest project taken on by HGTV, and it does not disappoint. The series showcases two eco-tourism lodges that demonstrate sustainable and eco-friendly building practices; Mukambi Safari Lodge and Kafue River Lodge. The natural beauty of Zambia’s environment is the show’s backdrop, offering viewers the opportunity to travel into the heart of Africa without leaving their living room.

The Show Follows Owners Grant and Lynsey Cumings

Grant and Lynsey Cumings are the talented and charming couple and safari lodge owners featured on “Renovation Wild.” The show highlights their expertise in sustainability and understanding of eco-building while exploring the challenges they face in the African bush. The show’s narrative juggles their renovation of two lodges and their special relationship with the conservationists and wildlife that coexist with them.

They Work with Their Project Manager and Resort Manager to Renovate the Remote Locale

The couple’s projects would not have been possible without team members; project manager Mervyn Slabbert and Mukambi Safari Lodge’s resort manager, Cheney Van der Westhuizen. You will discover how their teamwork brings them one step closer to sustainably renovating these lodges in their remote location, which presents significant logistical challenges. The challenges the team faces include dangerous wildlife encounters, intense weather conditions, and limited resources. The team must find innovative and creative solutions to complete the renovations while preserving the Zambian environment.

This is HGTV’s First Africa-Based Series

“Renovation Wild” marks HGTV’s first series filmed exclusively in Africa and showcases the beauty of Zambia. The show’s commitment to ecological and sustainable building practices fits in with HGTV’s overall philosophy of renovating homes and buildings with a conscious consideration of functionality and energy-efficiency. The show underscores the network’s efforts to present a wider concept of “home” while still delivering inspiring home improvement ideas and inspiration.

Viewers Can Stream Full Episodes on HGTV

To catch up on all the action from “Renovation Wild,” you can stream full episodes of the show on the HGTV website. The 10-episode series is sure to be an exciting watch for those who are passionate about home renovation and want to learn more about sustainable and eco-friendly building practices.

The Channel Offers Home Improvement Ideas and Inspiration

HGTV is well known for its home improvement expertise and offers a wide array of home and lifestyle shows. The opportunity to learn about creative ways to renovate and enhance living spaces keeps viewers glued to the screens. Whether you’re looking for tips on upgrading your kitchen or transforming your backyard into an outdoor oasis, HGTV has practical and innovative solutions that you will love.

HGTV Can Be Followed on Twitter and Facebook

If you’re interested in keeping up with the latest HGTV developments and show schedules, you can join Twitter or follow the channel on Facebook. By following HGTV, you’ll have access to exclusive content and get the inside scoop on all the network’s upcoming shows and events. Don’t forget to take advantage of this golden opportunity to keep up with the latest news and events within the HGTV community.


In conclusion, don’t miss out on the opportunity to take a peek into two remote safari lodges while they are being transformed in Zambia’s vast African landscape. Renovation Wild is an alluring show that will take you on a beautiful and inspiring journey.

Five Unique FAQs:

  1. Is the show only about renovating the safari lodges?
    To a certain extent, yes. But “Renovation Wild” does not only focus on property renovation, but also the importance of sustainable and eco-friendly building practices.

  2. How challenging was it filming in Zambia’s remote destination?
    The show’s location presented a host of logistical challenges. For example, the production team had to navigate harsh weather conditions and avoid dangerous wildlife.

  3. Can you learn sustainable building practices from “Renovation Wild”?
    Definitely! The show’s cast and crew are passionate about sustainability. You can expect to learn many tips and tricks for creating an eco-friendly home or business.

  4. Is “Renovation Wild” HGTV’s only Africa-based series?
    Yes, “Renovation Wild” is the network’s first exclusive Africa-based series.

  5. Can viewers get involved with the show?
    Viewers can join the HGTV community and follow the network on social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter. This way, you can keep up with the latest HGTV happenings and enter exclusive, HGTV sponsored contests.

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