Creating the Perfect Patio with Repurposed Vintage Ladders #HGTV #MindToDesign

Creating the Perfect Patio with Repurposed Vintage Ladders #HGTV #MindToDesign

Are you looking to spruce up your outdoor living space with a unique touch? Look no further than repurposed vintage ladders! Not only do they add a charming and rustic aesthetic to your patio, but they are also a sustainable and eco-friendly option. In this post, we’ll explore creative and easy ways to use vintage ladders to create a one-of-a-kind patio that will have your guests impressed. So, put on your design hat and let’s get started! Welcome to the perfect patio, brought to you by HGTV and MindToDesign.

Creating the Perfect Patio with Repurposed Vintage Ladders #HGTV #MindToDesign


Summer is around the corner, which means it’s time to start thinking about transforming your backyard into a functional, stylish and comfortable outdoor living area. HGTV’s #MindToDesign series, hosted by the talented Jasmine Roth, offers excellent ideas and inspiration for any patio design.

In this episode, Jasmine showcases how to transform vintage ladders into stunning and functional features for your outdoor living space. By following her lead, you can repurpose old ladders and create a unique and personalized touch to your patio design.

Here are some amazing tips for creating the perfect patio with repurposed vintage ladders:

Choose the Right Ladder

The first step towards a successful project is choosing the right vintage ladder. Not all ladders are equal. You don’t want to select one that is too old, broken, or unstable, and may result in potential safety hazards. Try to find one that is in good condition and has sturdy rungs to hold weight.

Add a Personal Touch

Once you have a suitable ladder, now it’s time to make it your own. Whether it’s a brand-new coat of paint, distressing it, or adding textural elements, personalize it to fit your style and aesthetic. You can also add greenery and plants ON the ladder, creating a beautiful functional decor piece.

Functional Features with Vintage Ladders

There are many ways to utilize vintage ladders on your patio, and Jasmine shows us some fabulous ideas. Consider using the ladder as a:

  • Plant Stand – Use its rungs to hold herbs, flowers, and plants in charming containers. Giving it an unforgettable look!
  • Snack or Drink Stand – For outdoor gatherings with friends and family, use the ladder as a snack or drink stand. This can easily be done by turning the ladder horizontally and displaying your favorite outdoor food accessories.
  • Towel Holder – Create a diving board or splash pad with ease by draping your beach towels over a horizontal ladder. This will help to free up valuable storage space and will make it easy to grab a towel while enjoying fun in the sun.
  • Lighting Fixture – use c-clamps to fasten lights to the rungs of the ladder for a unique lighting effect

The possibilities are endless, and the personalized touch adds to the overall ambiance of your backyard patio.

Complete the Look

Once your functional ladder is featured in your outdoor space, it’s important to create a cohesive look that blends it seamlessly into your patio design. Pair with coordinating pillows, accent chairs, lighting, rugs, and outdoor decor to create an inviting and inspired outdoor oasis for yourself and your guests.


With a focus on repurposing vintage ladders, the patio design ideas featured in the #MindToDesign series encourage creativity, personalization, and sustainability. Jazz up your patio with a unique and personal functional decor piece with a vintage ladder. Be sure to check out Jasmine’s inspiring tutorial video on HGTV, where you can find additional tips and resources for patio design.

And remember, HGTV has so much more to offer for home design and improvement content. Check out the platform on Twitter and Facebook to join the community and stay up to date with tips from other experts. So start designing your outdoor living space with HGTV and Jasmine Roth’s ideas today!

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