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Transcript from Convenient Modern Kitchen Design Video

Welcome back to behind the scenes of our newest build set, so we just wrapped up this new kitchen and I’m excited to show it to you: [, Music, ], [ Applause ]. This was actually the set from a last kitchen that we did.

We kept the footprint of it, but we switched out all the big items to give it a completely fresh new. Look we put in a new backsplash, we painted it all a really bright, fun color and it really changed the entire feel of the space and then in here we focused on just like a lot of natural materials.

So we still have this really neat like walnut. That frames all the countertops, we mix some metals, so we’ve got the Chrome and then you’ll, see some brass accents. The floor is really great. This is just a would like plank vinyl flooring and then the gray and the floor is tied in really nice to the gray that you see in the marble backsplash.

This is like a really new fridge out on the market and wait for it in this kitchen. We put the microwave right here: it’s at a really convenient location. It’s really built in and customized for the space here, and we also incorporated some open shelving just a little bit of visual interest.

Instead of having all closed cabinetry, so a lot of people don’t know that we actually sell a lot of décor on built comm. So, like the vase and this great rug, a lot of these things that you can find on site, we went with this single basin composite sink.

You can get all your big pots pans in there. You can wash your dog in there there’s. Just so many ways to use a giant basin versus you know when they’re a little more compartmentalize. We incorporated a really fun new product into this kitchen and that’s.

These recessed power outlets, so you simply push them and then they pop out and they don’t take away from your backsplash. This is a great dishwasher. You know you can adjust up and you can adjust it down and then up here we have the utensil drawer and put a lot of smaller little things that you know they’re kind of hard to put in one of these bigger baskets.

We had a great opportunity to add a island sink here. It’s, just a great prep scene kind of doubles as like a little bar area here, because we use this space as an opportunity to have a wine fridge people to come around and socialize and be able to access it really easily.

We put the range in the island here. We have this really neat built-in one that, by the press of a button it just pops up and plus it’s, a great opportunity to have lighting above an island. So I absolutely love that feature.

That’s our latest at We’re, so excited to share with you and for you to see all of the pictures and videos that are going to be coming to you in a few months check out the link below to get to our shop buy, look page, and you Can go there to get inspired for your next big project and to shop these curated spaces for a complete look thanks for watching and we’ll, see you in the next space.

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