Choosing a Kitchen Faucet

Choosing a Kitchen Faucet

Let’s take a look at how to select a kitchen faucet.

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Hi, i’m maverick a project expert and welcome to our faq series. Glad you asked today’s. Question is: how do i choose a kitchen faucet, the right kitchen. Faucet will not only look great, it will make everyday chores easier and installing a new faucet is a relatively simple update that can make a big impact when you’re ready to start shopping for a new kitchen faucet.

There are three main considerations: how the faucet is installed, what it does and how it looks. First, let’s, talk about how a faucet is installed. This includes where the faucet is mounted and how many holes it requires kitchen faucets are either deck mounted or wall mounted.

If the faucet is installed in holes, drilled into the sink or countertop it’s called deck mounted and it’s. The most common installation type if the faucet is installed on the wall, behind the sink it’s called wall mounted wall mounted sinks, typically have two or three installation holes.

Three hole models require openings for the spout and each handle wall mounted bridge faucets. Only require two holes: deck mounted faucets typically require from one to three holes. Adding a side, spray or built-in soap dispenser will increase that number.

If you’re, replacing an existing faucet without doing any other remodeling, it’s, easiest to choose the same installation type with the same number of holes. However, you can easily swap out a three-hole deck mounted faucet for a one-hole model by using an escutcheon plate.

These plates are designed to cover up the extra holes, and many manufacturers offer a matching discussion plate for their single hole. Faucets. Once you’ve narrowed down the installation type, you need to decide which features are important to you.

Pull down. Faucets are great time. Savers. The spray head can be pulled out, so you can reach every corner of the sink for easy, clean up or fill the coffee pot. While it’s sitting on the countertop models with different spray settings, let you switch from a powerful spray to clean messy dishes to a gentle spray for watering plants.

Pull down faucets with a magnetic docking feature securely, lock the spray head in place. While you’re, not using it touch and touch less faucets are a popular choice to keep your home clean and hygienic pre-rinsed faucets like this signature.

Hardware presidio model are often found in commercial kitchens. The high arc makes it easy to fill large pots, and the powerful spray is great for cleanup. Pre-Rinse faucets are also popular for their industrial design, which brings us to our final consideration style.

When you’re shopping for a kitchen, faucet, try sorting by design theme and finish color to narrow down your options, whether your kitchen design is traditional, modern, industrial or somewhere in between there’s, a faucet made to match to learn more About choosing the perfect kitchen faucet check out our buying guides by clicking the links below and visit build.

com to shop for everything you need for your next project. If you found this video helpful make sure to like comment and subscribe to our channel and tune in next time, when we answer a new question, i’m glad.

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