Can Mina and Karen Renovate a House Destroyed by a CAR? | Good Bones | HGTV

Can Mina and Karen Renovate a House Destroyed by a CAR? | Good Bones | HGTV

Welcome to an exciting episode of Good Bones on HGTV! In this episode, we follow the journey of Mina and Karen as they take on a real challenge – the renovation of a house destroyed by a car crash. Will the mother-daughter duo be able to work their magic and transform the damaged property into a beautiful, functional home again? Join us as we witness the incredible transformation, and rediscover the power of determination and creativity. Let’s see how this renovation story unfolds!

Can Mina and Karen Renovate a House Destroyed by a CAR? | Good Bones | HGTV


Mina and Karen are known for their expertise in transforming rundown houses into stunning urban remodels, but can they handle a house that was destroyed by a car? This is a challenge that Mina and Karen take on in the Old Southside neighborhood of Indianapolis, as they help a family rebuild their home after a devastating accident. In this article, we explore how Mina and Karen tackle this unique renovation project and what design elements they incorporate to create a beautiful, functional space for the family.

The Design Aesthetic

When it comes to the design of the new house, Mina and Karen opt for a simple, urban, and classic aesthetic. They want to create a space that feels modern and clean while still honoring the history and character of the neighborhood. The exterior of the house adopts a traditional Craftsman style, with dark shutters and a warm color scheme that blends in with the surrounding homes.

Inside, the duo focuses on creating an open floor plan that maximizes natural light and offers plenty of space for the family to spend time together. The color scheme is neutral, with whites and grays dominating the living areas. However, they add pops of color through textile artwork and statement pieces that give the space personality and warmth.

Textile Artwork and Floating Side Tables

One of the key design elements that Mina and Karen incorporate into the new house is textile artwork. They work with local artists to create pieces that are both beautiful and meaningful, incorporating textures and colors that reflect the family’s personality. The artwork becomes a conversation starter in the home and adds a touch of personality to each space.

In addition to the art, Mina and Karen also include floating side tables in the living areas. These tables are functional and stylish, allowing the family to easily move them around as needed. They also add a unique touch that sets the space apart and adds interest to the design.

About HGTV’s Good Bones

For those who aren’t familiar with HGTV’s Good Bones, the show follows Mina and Karen as they redevelop rundown houses in Indianapolis. The mother-daughter duo has a passion for revitalizing urban neighborhoods and transforming forgotten homes into beautiful living spaces.

HGTV offers full episodes of the show, as well as ideas and inspiration content for those looking to take on their own renovation projects. Their website is a great resource for anyone interested in home design and improvement, with expert tips and advice from industry professionals.

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If you’re a fan of Good Bones and want to stay up-to-date on all things Mina and Karen, be sure to subscribe to HGTV and follow the network on Twitter and Facebook. In addition to following the show’s journey, you’ll also have access to a community of design enthusiasts who share your passion for creating beautiful spaces.


In the end, Mina and Karen prove that they’re up to the challenge of renovating a house that was destroyed by a car. Their expertise, creativity, and dedication to creating beautiful, functional living spaces shine through in every aspect of the design. If you’re considering a home renovation project of your own, take inspiration from their approach and incorporate thoughtful design elements that reflect your unique style.


  1. How can I watch episodes of Good Bones?
  • Full episodes of Good Bones are available on HGTV’s website or through their app.
  1. Where can I find inspiration for my home renovation project?
  • HGTV’s website offers a wealth of inspiration and information for those looking to take on their own renovation projects. Additionally, social media platforms like Instagram and Pinterest are great sources of design inspiration.
  1. How can I work with Mina and Karen on my renovation project?
  • While Mina and Karen are focused on projects in the Indianapolis area, they occasionally take on clients outside of the region. If you’re interested in working with them, reach out through their website to inquire about availability.
  1. What design style does Mina and Karen typically incorporate into their projects?
  • Mina and Karen are known for their urban, modern design aesthetic that incorporates clean lines, neutral color schemes, and statement pieces.
  1. How can I get involved with HGTV’s renovation community?
  • HGTV offers a variety of ways to connect with their community, from joining the network’s social media channels to attending their annual home renovation conference. Check their website for more information on upcoming events and opportunities.

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