Best Interior Design Projects to Increase Home Value | Julie Khuu

Best Interior Design Projects to Increase Home Value  | Julie Khuu

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Home Remodeling Options to Suit Your Needs and Budget

Home remodeling is an excellent way to update your home and make it a more functional place for you and your family. Whether you want to remodel one room or the entire house, there are many options to suit your needs and budget.

Kitchen remodeling — renovating the kitchen, usually with new cabinets, flooring and fixtures — is a popular option for homeowners looking to add value to their home and improve its appearance. In addition to updating the kitchen, this project may include changing the layout of other areas of the house, such as adding a family room or dining room, relocating appliances and fixtures, and enhancing your living space with new flooring and paint colors.

Bathroom remodeling — altering the layout of a bathroom, usually with new cabinets and faucets — is also an attractive option for home owners, as it can increase the resale value of your home. In addition to replacing the bathtub, shower and toilet, remodeling can often involve removing or replacing a wall, moving plumbing lines or reworking other surfaces within the bathroom to create a more spacious feel.

Room addition — adding an additional room to the house, often with new siding and roofing — is another popular option for homeowners seeking more space. In this case, a home owner in East Dennis created a larger living area by removing walls and creating an open floor plan.

Custom home construction — adding an entire new house to the property, usually with a completely new layout and structure — can be a great option for families with unique requirements and specialized needs. Besides making your home more functional for everyone, building a new custom home can give you the opportunity to choose sustainable materials and design an eco-friendly and energy-efficient home.

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