7 reasons I used Rockwool insulation

7 reasons I used Rockwool insulation at my house.


How To Start And Build Successful Home Remodeling Companies

The remodeling business overall is known to be quite a remunerative industry. Business opportunities may come from home sellers who remodel their houses to increase resale value and look more attractive on the market.

The Difference Between Luxury Home Remodeling And Other Construction Related Activities

By definition, a remodel entails altering the structure of the home. This results in a change in structure and style of the home which yields a complete transformation. Remodeling often involves complex design changes. This is then requires various parts such as construction, electrical and plumbing work.

Guide To Select The Best Home Remodeling Companies For Your Project

The success of your luxury home remodeling solely depends on how successful you are in selecting a service provider who is the right choice for you. Selecting a suitable company may sometimes be time consuming but the efforts will pay off in the long run as you get a host of benefit from the right choice.

Planning a House Extension – Extension Top Tips

When considering an extension to your home there are a lot of elements that need to be thought about in order to produce the best possible finish. The below top tips provide you with information to benefit the project and will inevitably produce a better result.

5 Ideas For Unusual Rooms In Your House

Looking for fresh ideas for your next home redesign? Here are 5 suggestions to get you started and help create the room of your dreams today.

Expert Advice: A Word About Stucco

“At Harlicanassus, the house of that most potent king Mausolus, though decorated throughout with Proconnesian marble, has walls built of brick which are to this day of extraordinary strength, and are covered with stucco so highly polished that they seem to be as glistening glass… ” – Marcus Vitruvius Pollio (80 BC to 15 BC) Roman author, architect, civil and military engineer speaking about the residence of the Greek King Mausolus. Now that spring is officially here, many of you are looking at those unsightly cracks in your stucco, those spalling freeze damaged parapets, and the white, chalky mineral deposits around the bottom of the stucco, and you’re considering perhaps re-doing those walls. Before you do, you should know a little bit about stucco.

Designer Kitchen and Bath Projects and More

Remodeling problems and selection bias are common occurrences? Let me show you how the Web is your friend. Today with online markets you can have almost anything you want in home remodeling and lifestyle improvements. We have taken the information highway many times and it’s a cool ride!

Home Improvements to Increase Your Resale Value

Boosting the resell value of your home is essential when you are hoping to get the most you can out of your home. The right upgrades to your home will improve the visibility of the home, and can boost the overall value of your home. Use these tips to make some changes to your home.

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