Friday, 15 January 2021

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15 Oct

How to Remove Wire Mesh/Wire Lath Plaster Tile Walls Bathroom Remodel

– [Jeff] So we are looking here at an old house from the 1940s And today, we're going to be demolishing this bathroom See all this tile, this all has to come down And this tub, which we suspect is a cast iron tub, we're going to shatter it What […]

12 Oct

Affordable Finished Basement Ideas – 3 Tips for Walls, Ceiling & Floor

Basement Finishing Ideas What are the most cost effective ways to remodel the basement? Welcome to Burning Questions I’m Mark and that is your Burning Question for today [ insert music ] Let’s say you don't have tens of thousands of dollars to remodel your basement what can you do […]

11 Oct


Hi, I'm Bob Schmidt with HomeRemodelWorkshop Now you're building these walls down here in your basement, garage, or wherever, and you spent a lot of time getting these lines down on the floor, and getting everything squared up, straight and exactly the way you want it Well, now it's time […]