Saturday, 24 October 2020

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15 Oct

Bathroom remodel – how to remodel a small bathroom

Hi I'm Kris with Investors Edge Real Estate group I'm here at one of our flips and I had a unique situation with this bathroom I had to figure something out to make it look nice But I'm really proud of the outcome and I wanted to show you guys […]

14 Oct

Small Bathroom Renovation Ideas for Bathtubs — by Home Repair Tutor

Hi there I'm Jeff with Home Repair Tutor And in this video, I'm going to share with 9 tips that will help you out with your own bathtub renovation So stay tuned, watch this video because these are things that you're going to want to think about whenever you're doing […]

14 Oct

💖5 Smart Small House Remodeling Ideas💖

It is not a denial that walls can sometimes be so boring by its look because it is too plain white In that case, to get more attractive and decorative walls, you can add slender molding in a repetitive pattern More on that later This is 5 smart small house […]

14 Oct

💘5 Out of The Box Small House Remodeling Ideas💘

For small house owners, light sources take an important part to make the interior feel bigger However, since windows cannot be freely installed in any walls, creative tricks should be taken into consideration This is 5 Out of the box small house remodeling ideas by simphomecom Number one Better and […]

13 Oct

35 Small Kitchen Design Ideas IKEA

Small kitchens are challenging and very important spaces for home staging and decorating small apartments and homes Every kitchen is the center of the house Practical and functional, small kitchens with ergonomic design and pleasant decor make homes feel more comfortable and stylish Lushome collection of space saving ideas from […]

13 Oct

20 Before and After: Small Galley Kitchen Remodel

If you live in a little apartment or a small home, chances are high that you have that dreaded real estate term: the "galley kitchen" Named after the narrow kitchens on ships, these rooms may be tight, but they're also known for using what little space there is very efficiently […]

12 Oct

20 Small Apartment Remodeling & design ideas

if you’re starting to feel like your small apartment is more cramped than cozy maybe it’s time you try some of these 20 small apartment remodeling ideas The main problem is not the apartment itself but the condition it is in; that’s why remodeling could be your best bet 20 […]

12 Oct

40 Very Small Kitchen Design

Every inch counts when making the most of a small kitchen Transform your small kitchen into a super efficient place to gather without sacrificing style or functionality Space constraints allow you to unlock your design creativity and focus on your essential needs If your kitchen is on the small side, […]

12 Oct

Anthony’s Awesome Small Bathroom Remodel…Before and After

Hey, guys! Todays’ video’s going to be totally different than any of the other ones that we’ve done We’re celebrating Anthony’s bathroom remodel He took an old bathroom and transformed it into a new one while holding down a full-time job being a dad and a husband He’s one of […]

11 Oct

💓 5 House Decor Ideas for Small Space 💓

The luxury of having open space is the ability to give each item its own personal board Since this right doesn’t belong to the owner of small house, you need to think smart about the storage This is 5 House decor ideas for small space by simphomecom 1 Put Lightweight […]