Friday, 26 February 2021

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14 Oct

Should I Fix Up Home or Sell It As Is

Should I remodel my kitchen or bathroom to sell my house? Welcome to Burning Questions I'm Mark and that is your burning question for today [Music] It seems lately I'm being asked to remodel customers homes before they put their houses on the market so here are some considerations whether […]

12 Oct

6 Things You Should Know Before Remodeling Your House | Southern Living

I think when they're considering, you know, purchasing a house to remodel, I think that, you know, look at the outside, see if there are cracks in the foundation And then inside, look at doorways, are they out of square because the house has settled in a particular place? You […]

11 Oct

Should I Remodel or Just Sell House | Naperville Remodeling Contractors

Remodeling – Should I remodel my bathroom or kitchen or just move? Welcome to Burning Questions I’m Mark And that is your Burning Question for today [ music ] I talk a lot with my customers and most of them have been in their homes 20 – 25 years and […]

11 Oct

10 Bathroom Renovation Ideas You Should Check First

Renovating a bathroom is quite challenging, yet fun When it’s done carefully, your bathroom will turn into a yeay! But when it’s not, it will end up being a nay! In this video, I’ll share less than a dozen renovation ideas that you should check first before beginning the refurbishment […]