Friday, 23 October 2020

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13 Oct

Historic Seattle Home Renovation – HGTV

Home Diaries, every house has a story We're the Nakata's And we live in my husband's childhood home My dad had a saying that said temporary things have a way of becoming permanent And this house was an example of that We always thought he was going to go move […]

13 Oct

Architects Tackle Seattle Home Renovation – HGTV

NARRATOR: Home Diaries– every house has a story We're the Zerbeys, and we're architects And we redesigned and renovated our house We kind of had to decide, OK, are we going to go to grad school, or are we going to buy a house? Because we can't really afford to […]

11 Oct

Home Remodeling | Seattle Area

Chermak Construction has been designing and building projects in a greater Seattle area for over 30 years When we're invited into client's home we are very serious about the experience and the results Our teamwork philosophy is something that really makes our company work Our process guarantees clear communication and […]