Friday, 26 February 2021

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16 Oct

Increase Your Home’s Value: Kitchen & Bathroom Remodeling

While There is No Rule That Says You Must Use Your Home Equity Loan for Home Improvements, A Kitchen or Bathroom Remodel is a Very Wise Use of Your Money Quality of Life: Upgrading Functional Spaces Such as a Bathroom And Kitchen Can Do Much to Improve Your Quality of […]

16 Oct

Master Bathroom Remodel

Terry Lehman and Rebath are donating a new custom master bathroom back for a fourth military makeover, Rebath It gets a little cramped in there with the standing shower, with the tub and then it being slippery So I noticed right now you don't have any grab bars or anything […]

16 Oct

Recipe for a Kitchen Remodel

[Laughter] Wait a minute Was that for me? Yes You are the dumbass that we're talking about You're not responsible for anything that's gonna happen? I don't want to do this I don't want to do this It's too late We're already begin, Howard Oh, OK I'm set I got […]

15 Oct

Bathroom Remodeling Marketing Video 805-253-0023 Remodeling Marketing Video

Bathroom Remodeling Marketing Video Tired of browsing through magazines and seeing bathrooms that you desperately want for yourself? Searching for an upgrade, but don’t know where to begin, or who you can trust? The thing is, luxurious bathrooms are NOT just a fantasy They don’t have to cost you an […]

15 Oct

Kitchen & Bath Remodeling

What's the smart way to refresh your home? get inspired by TREND Transformations see how easy it is to transform your kitchen or bathroom with gorgeous quartz and granite backed by a lifetime warranty plus custom cabinet refacing all without the mess of a traditional renovation come explore the new […]

15 Oct

How to Remove Wire Mesh/Wire Lath Plaster Tile Walls Bathroom Remodel

– [Jeff] So we are looking here at an old house from the 1940s And today, we're going to be demolishing this bathroom See all this tile, this all has to come down And this tub, which we suspect is a cast iron tub, we're going to shatter it What […]

15 Oct

How to Remodel Your Home : Bathroom Renovation for Home Remodeling

We renovated two bathrooms in our home renovation In this bathroom the first thing we did was take out this wall This was a hallway, and this was a wall; one of the walls of the bathroom This is where the door was to enter the bathroom What we did […]

15 Oct

Kitchen and Bath Remodeling:: Smart Tips

Here's another smart remodeling tip from TREND Transformations choose the company that does everything from design through installation see how easy it is to transform your kitchen or bathroom with gorgeous quartz and granite backed by a lifetime warranty plus custom cabinet refacing come explore the new looks and style […]

15 Oct

Bathroom Remodeling Services From Marble Concepts & Design

Custom countertops available We specialize in bathroom remodeling project We will help you design a upgrade to your bathroom remodeling project Visit our show room to see our products We have been serving Rogue Valley for 20+ years

15 Oct

Home Improvement & Maintenance Tips : Cheap Remodeling Ideas

Hi I'm Tim Gipson and I'm going to talk to you about some cheap remodeling ideas Now whenever we look at remodeling typically in bathrooms or kitchens depending on the scope of work that you are doing you can spend a little bit of money or you can spend a […]