Monday, 18 January 2021

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16 Oct

Master Bathroom Remodel

Terry Lehman and Rebath are donating a new custom master bathroom back for a fourth military makeover, Rebath It gets a little cramped in there with the standing shower, with the tub and then it being slippery So I noticed right now you don't have any grab bars or anything […]

13 Oct

Master bathroom renovation

Hello everybody We are at Hilton Head South Carolina We are renovating the master suite Let's get going! The vacation committee Nohe is a hard working man We are turning a closet into a good side shower The closet used to be right here On the other side of this […]

12 Oct

Master Bathroom Remodeling Ideas & Designs Trends in Naperville IL

[ intro music ] Hey everybody Thanks for joining us I'm Mark Lotz and you’re here with Discover Your Home So I want to talk to you a little about home improvement needs, things that we are seeing in the industry, challenges, trends, things that we can kind of send […]

11 Oct

Before And After Master Bathroom Renovation

Hello I'm Jennifer with Jennifer decorates and today's video is going to be part 2 of the series that we're doing about our old house that we renovated and this one is going to be all about the master bedroom and the master bath So this is the house where […]