Saturday, 27 February 2021

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15 Oct

How To Stylishly Work More Storage Space Into Your Home Renovation

Hi I am Ginny Snook Scott with California Closets chief design officer here to share with you some ideas on how to bring storage to your home and make it beautiful May is national Remodeling Month and we find that many people are really thinking about not only moving to […]

12 Oct

Converting Your Basement into a Bedroom | Naperville Remodeling Ideas

Basement Bedroom: Why should you put in a bedroom in your basement? One of the most cost-effective ways to get more living space in your home is to create a bedroom in your basement So why would you need a basement bedroom? Your family might grow – possibly your mom […]

11 Oct

Whole-House Remodel Turns 70’s House Into Dream Home

this beautiful home in Carlsbad didn't always look like this oh my gosh it was a step out of the seventies so we decided that it was time to to bring it back into the the 21st century we interviewed a lot of people and when we got to Marrokal […]