Monday, 26 October 2020

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13 Oct

35 Small Kitchen Design Ideas IKEA

Small kitchens are challenging and very important spaces for home staging and decorating small apartments and homes Every kitchen is the center of the house Practical and functional, small kitchens with ergonomic design and pleasant decor make homes feel more comfortable and stylish Lushome collection of space saving ideas from […]

12 Oct

Kimberley Reist – IKEA Kitchen Remodel – Before and After

oh what do i not like about my new kitchen which I can't think of anything to say like this is gonna sound really weird but if I could just bring a sleeping bag in here and just sleep in here all the time this is my favorite room in […]

12 Oct

Jackie Strasser – IKEA Kitchen Remodel – Before and After

this is my first time of ever doing this before I had no idea what went into renovating or even how to budget I did go over my budget I probably could have scaled back but um my friend that helped me do it said this is your focal point […]