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15 Oct

How to Remodel Your Home : Bathroom Renovation for Home Remodeling

We renovated two bathrooms in our home renovation In this bathroom the first thing we did was take out this wall This was a hallway, and this was a wall; one of the walls of the bathroom This is where the door was to enter the bathroom What we did […]

15 Oct

Home Improvement & Maintenance Tips : Cheap Remodeling Ideas

Hi I'm Tim Gipson and I'm going to talk to you about some cheap remodeling ideas Now whenever we look at remodeling typically in bathrooms or kitchens depending on the scope of work that you are doing you can spend a little bit of money or you can spend a […]

15 Oct

Kitchen Remodeling Designs – Kitchen Remodeling Ideas

[Kitchen Remodeling Ideas: How To Choose a Kitchen Design Layout] Hi I'm Nadia Geller, interior designer for Homestyler, and I'm going to help you choose a kitchen design for your remodel It may seem overwhelming at first [Nadia Geller, Interior Designer] But today we'll break it down to a few […]

15 Oct

Modern Dining Table | Dining Chairs | kitchen remodel ideas | 8 | Ideas

Kitchen With Dinning Table

15 Oct

Exterior Home Ideas for Seniors Aging in Place | Naperville Contractors

Exterior Home Ideas for Seniors Aging in Place Are you a DIYer looking to sharpen your skills, looking for solutions for home improvement issues, getting advice when needing to hire a contractor, and staying up to date on the latest the industry has to offer on news and trends? You […]

15 Oct

Kitchen Remodeling Ideas and Tips: Before You Call a Professional

[Kitchen Design & Remodeling Tips: Before You Call a Professional] Hi, I'm Nadia Geller, interior designer for Homestyler [Nadia Geller, Interior Designer] I'm here on location at the Bellato showroom in New York City with some tips about what to do before you call a professional to help you with […]

15 Oct

đź’— Kitchen Cabinets – Modern Design Ideas

interior Home Design & Decor Kitchen Cabinets – Modern Design Ideas 35 Unique Kitchen Cabinet Ideas What countertops and cabinets should I use in modern kitchen design? Picking interesting materials is key for helping your kitchen ideas stand out kitchen cabinets for sale When it comes to counters, granite and […]

15 Oct

Interior Design | Modern Condo Remodel

HI Guys! It is Super Bowl Sunday and I am relished up here in my bedroom to record this video for you todayAn introduction to a project to a project that we did four years ago I had someone call my office and say, we'd like to meet with you, […]

15 Oct

Home Remodeling Ideas: How to Make Faux Tin Ceiling Tiles

You ever dream of having the look of tin ceilings, but price tags scared you away? Well, buckle up I got a project for you Now, to create that tin ceiling effect without spending a ton of money, here's the stuff you're going to need You need to order some […]

15 Oct

Bathroom Remodeling Ideas in Philadelphia | Bathroom Contractor