Thursday, 26 November 2020

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14 Oct

Botched Bathroom Remodel SA Painting and Remodeling @ Pissed Consumer Review

"The bathroom is now in need of repair due to the work that was done" Please see review #1104557 on PissedConsumer com

11 Oct

How to Cut a Home Renovation Project’s Cost | Consumer Reports

Getting bids from at least three contractors will give you a good sense of the market, and also provide some bargaining power In a Consumer Reports national survey of general contractors 96% said they would be willing to negotiate the price of a job Now, conventional wisdom holds that you […]

11 Oct

A 360-Degree View Inside a Home Renovation Demolition | Consumer Reports

[HAMMERING] Whew, hey, I'm Dan DiClerico, senior home editor of Consumer Reports, and this very active construction site is actually the inside of my home in Brooklyn, New York Now, I've covered home remodeling for about two decades, including the last nine years at Consumer Reports In that time, I've […]

11 Oct

How Communication Makes a Home Renovation Easier | Consumer Reports

You can't just write a check to your contractor and expect to come back when the project is finished Constant communication is a key ingredient to success When you're interviewing possible contractors, ask whether you'll be dealing with them directly or one of their project managers Beyond face time, some […]

11 Oct

Pick Colors Early in Your Home Renovation | Consumer Reports

You might think that choosing the paint colors is one of the last decisions on a home renovation, but the color of the walls is only one part of the overall design scheme The floors, cabinets, countertops, tile, even the appliances, also play into the pallet, so you need to […]