Friday, 26 February 2021

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13 Oct

Beautiful Kitchen With Luxurious Design | Interior decorating Ideas

Monalee Concepcion kitchen with a luxurious design Leave her appliances presented a luxurious kitchen pulled the Moloch inception kitchen Its design concept is based on the word monolithic, which means formed of a single block of stone and looks very similar The design carries the monolithic idea throughout with expansive […]

12 Oct

The Ewings Receive a Beautiful, Modern Bathroom Remodel

[Music] Thanks to Bath Fitter there's no need for demolition inside the bathroom, in fact Bath Fitter reps install everything themselves in just one day– without the hassles and headaches of traditional bath remodeling Start to finish for this job is going to take us probably six or seven hours, […]

11 Sep

Sustainable Home Remodel How to achieve a beautiful, healthy design that meets your budget 20160218

>> RON GOLDBERG: Today’s webinar is titled Sustainable Home Remodel: How to Achieve a Beautiful, Healthy Design that Meets Your Budget And our presenter today is Mary Golden, Assistant Professor and Program Chair for Interior Design Mary has more than a dozen years of experience across multiple bio-regions, merging innovative, […]