Saturday, 21 September 2019

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12 Oct

10 Ways to Keep Dust Under Control While Remodeling

– My name's Aaron Massey from mrfixitdiycom, and today, I'm here to share with you my top 10 ways to keep dust down during a remodel (upbeat rock music) This video is brought to you by Trimaco, makers of an extensive line of surface and job site protection products since […]

11 Oct

10 Inspiring Bathroom Remodel Ideas Deserve Your Attention with Simplest Arrangement

Inspiring bathroom remodel ideas do not always equal with over the top design, expensive supplies or costly makeover There are some simple, easy, affordable ideas, and plans that you can paste for your bathroom remodeling draft Keep in mind that a remodeling work isn’t always about making a dramatic transformation […]

11 Oct

10 Bathroom Renovation Ideas You Should Check First

Renovating a bathroom is quite challenging, yet fun When it’s done carefully, your bathroom will turn into a yeay! But when it’s not, it will end up being a nay! In this video, I’ll share less than a dozen renovation ideas that you should check first before beginning the refurbishment […]

11 Oct

10 Modern Small Kitchen Makeover Ideas Revealed

A kitchen tends to have high traffic flow especially when two cooks like you and your husband are working together A lot of space is required for a perfect traffic flow And, when your kitchen happens to be small, you’re going to need to tap into all available space in […]