Tuesday, 24 November 2020

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11 Oct

Amazing Kitchen Remodels Glendale CA 866 482 0919

well I had a kitchen that wasn't functional at all and when we moved in it was very dark and dreary and it had very few cupboard space most of my dishes were stored out me out in the garage my platters were underneath the beds everything was kind of […]

11 Oct

Kitchen Remodel Riverside CA 866 482 0919

The team members are great, they are very professional They call us and explained, you know, what they are doing here Thank you Avo and Carlos for helping me with my beautiful kitchen I researched this for a whole year and I am very happy about it Payless Kitchen thank […]

11 Oct

Dream Kitchen Remodel Northridge, CA 866 482 0919

PKC has completed and accomplished our dream kitchen! The friendly and professional staff walked us through the entire process from design, selection of cabinets/countertop/backsplash Thank you Caroline for your patience, knowledge and valuable advice from start to finish The office staff, the cabinet team, quartz stone, backsplash and countertop team […]