Thursday, 26 November 2020

This open-concept kitchen remodel is the epitome of modern glam

Hi, I’m Cynthia Soda, owner of Soda Pop Design Inc and we are in my client’s home in Scarborough

There wasn’t much of a kitchen here when I first came to see it our clients lacked a fridge, they lacked storage, they actually lacked a ceiling So we had a lot of work to do to get it to what you see today Our clients’ wishes for this space were to create something that actually told their story a little bit more, so we wanted something a little bit more glam, warm so that they can entertain and definitley more open-concept The structural changes that we made to open up the kitchen were we removed a column in between the kitchen and dining room space, and we actually raised the ceiling up and put in these really cool beams They’re more decorative than they are structural, but we wanted them to feel like they were a part of the structure, and we also completely reconfigured the entire fireplace area

The color palette that we selected is black and white and gold, and it was something that I just really, really wanted to do, ‘cause I felt like it could be classic and glam at the same time The materials that we used in this space were painted MDF cabinets, gold metal accents, wood on the island, and Cambria countertops The vision on the backsplash was we wanted something that was going to tie in the gold accents on the hood, and make it feel like it was an art piece So, we found this custom cut mosaic with black and white and gold and greys in it, and we thought it just tied everything together perfectly Our kitchen definitely has tons of storage

Most of it is in the lowers, but the way that we did the lowers with lots of drawers makes it really useable for our clients So even though they lack uppers, we were able to gain really great window space, which frames their exterior — ‘cause they have a beautiful backyard But we also have all the cabinets, lots of cubic footage, in the lowers One of my favorite elements in this space is the faucet, which starts out a really soft gold color, and it’ll patina over time and look even more gold as it ages So there originally was a fireplace in this area, it kind of had a brick stone surround, and it really only was visible from this one side of the house

So for the renovation, we wanted to have a gas insert, which was a three-sided fireplace And we oriented it so that you could see it from the kitchen, the dining room, and the family room So the lighting in the kitchen really just highlights the space more, it’s not really kind of pot lights everywhere, but we wanted to have really beautiful, again, kind of artistic pieces over top of the island, so we picked these sculptural, glass light fixtures with gold inserts, again to tie everything together Because we have a scheme of black and white and gold in our space, we decided to do black-framed windows with white trim around it, which really helps to frame the backyard view and bring in tons of natural light One of the most rewarding things about doing this project with these clients specifically is that they always tell me how much they love coming home to their space, and they can’t even believe that it’s theirs, and nothing kind of warms my heart more

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