Sunday, 25 October 2020

This New Study Shows Millennials’ Unique Approach To Home Buying

Buying a home may seem like an out-of-reach goal for most millennials, especially as headlines portray the generation as one that’s invested all its money into avocado toast and therefore can’t handle the responsibility of a mortgage or pull together enough savings for a downpayment. But in reality, many millennials already are homeowners (or are planning to be), and they’re buying homes on their own terms, within their own budgets. “Millennials are already the largest group of home buyers today,” says Amy Bonitatibus, Chase Home Lending’s chief marketing and communications officer. “They see the value in homeownership and are doing their research and preparing financially, so they can buy when they’re ready.” To find out more about the unique ways this generation is approaching home buying, we teamed up with Chase, who recently surveyed 1,000 millennials — both current homeowners and those who haven’t yet bought homes — about their home-buying habits and interests.Source:

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