Saturday, 5 December 2020

Plans call for adding ‘sparkle’ to Burntwood Tavern’s look

The popular Burntwood Tavern in Solon soon will be looking a bit more polished outside.

Plans for a facelift are part of a “sparkle program,” said Owner Bret Adams, who founded the Chef Art Pour Restaurant Group which operates 11 Burntwood Taverns, M Italian in Chagrin Falls and Rose Italian Kitchen steps from the Burntwood in Solon.

“As we approach six years, and as we did in Chagrin Falls and Rocky River, we will give it a breath of fresh air as we have grown in the concept,” Mr. Adams said.

The improvements will amount to well over $50,000, Mr. Adams said.

He is going to present plans to the Planning Commission next month for an exterior remodeling of the restaurant on Solon Road which opened in 2012.

Plans include remodeling the existing facade of the building and replacing the brick portions with a more rustic looking weathered solid wood siding.

“We will redo the exterior in a grayish barn wood,” Mr. Adams said, noting that the brick facade that dates back to when the restaurant was Max & Erma’s has started to peel off.

“As we hit six years, it is a good time to give the whole facade a facelift instead of patching,” Mr. Adams said.

The restaurant group is expected to be on the planning commission’s Sept. 11 agenda.

In a memo to the commission, Planning Director Robert S. Frankland said, “It should be noted that it has been the city policy to relax Western Reserve architectural design standards within the C-4 (motor service commerical) zoning district.

“This is due to its location north of the center of town, the scope of uses permitted within the district (car dealerships, hotels, etc) and due to its specific purpose of catering to freeway interchange traffic.”

No variances are required to approve this proposal, according to Mr. Frankland.

The Solon Burntwood, at 33675 Solon Road, is the third restaurant in the franchise and the largest of the 11, measuring over 7,000 square feet. The restaurant seating capacity is 280 guests.

“It’s been great for us,” Mr. Adams said of the location. “The community has embraced it.”

He said that there is a function just about every evening in the back of the restaurant including business gatherings from companies such as Nestle and Swagelok.

“We are grateful for their business,” Mr. Adams said.

He said he hopes to remain open during renovations, which also include changing out some light fixtures as well as re-doing floors. The company plans to work in certain sections of the restaurant at a time, so as to leave others open during the transition.

The project could begin as early as next month and completed by mid-October before winter holiday celebrations, he said, including Solon Fire Department events.

Mr. Adams said he hopes patrons’ ongoing support of Burntwood will finally break the stigma that Solon does not support local restaurants. “That has not been the case at all since we opened.”

The Solon Burntwood employs more than 80 individuals. Plans are to add to the 11 franchises with the construction of one in North Olmsted and one in the Florida market, Mr. Adams said.

He said he looks forward to getting the city’s feedback on the changes proposed. “They have been very supportive for us and hopefully we get their approval,” he said.


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