Monday, 26 October 2020

Major makeover: John C. Calhoun Drive McDonald’s closes for renovations

The McDonald’s on John C. Calhoun Drive is closed while major renovations are underway.

“We are gutting the building and when we finish, it will be like a brand-new store,” said Emory Main, who owns Orangeburg’s three McDonald’s locations with his wife, Lisa.

“It is a cleaner, more modern look. I think everybody is going to love it,” he said.

The restaurant is being renovated as part of an effort by the national chain to modernize its locations across the country.

The restaurant closed entirely on Sept. 4 for the renovations and is expected to reopen in early October.

It will have new finishes, fixtures and decor as well as a different kitchen and dining room arrangement, Main said. The restaurant will have a side dining room, a front dining room and a new beverage and dessert hall, he said.

In addition, the McDonald’s will feature a self-ordering kiosk in the lobby where customers will be able to order their food at their own pace and have the meal delivered to them at their table.

The restaurant will also have a new kitchen touted by McDonald’s as the, “kitchen of the future, with a restyled prep line for improved food preparation.”

“It is a whole new prep line which saves steps and increases the efficiency of people working the grill,” Main said.

The new kitchen design is featured in about a dozen McDonald’s locations in the region and about 50 nationwide.

Georgia-based Davie’s Construction Company is handling the remodeling.

The Mains had their Chestnut Street McDonald’s next to Prince of Orange Mall torn down in January to make way for a new, $3 million restaurant on the same property.

Main said the Chestnut Street store was completely torn down because it was much smaller, making it more conducive to demolition, he said.

McDonald’s is spending more than $105 million on renovations to its stores in the Carolinas, Main said. McDonald’s is helping to pay for about 25 percent of the cost.

The Mains also own the McDonald’s on U.S. 601 off Interstate 26. That restaurant is also expected to be remodeled in January 2019.


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