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City of Auburn building permits: Aug. 19, 2018

The building inspector issued a permit to Empire Construction of CNY LLC to remodel entire house for owner Anthony Tardibone Jr. at 10 Lexington Ave., $30,000. The inspector also issued the following permits:

* Mark J. Sheehan, remodel bathroom (plumbing not included) at 83 N. Fulton St., $8,000.

* Sign & Lighting Services LLC, install single-face, illuminated attached “Five Star Urgent Care” and “Aspen Dental” signs for owner Auburn Associates LLC at 217 Grant Ave., $9,250.

* Sign & Lighting Services LLC, replace existing wall sign with single-face, illuminated, attached “Speedway” sign for owner Rerob LLC at 160 State St., $3,500.

* Manuel Ontiveros Jr., remodel kitchen at 37 S. Hurd Circle, $1,500.

* James C. Maassen, repair front porch at 168 S. Hoopes Ave., $5,000.

* Marion Laird, repair two rear porches and steps/railings of front porch at 7-9 Chestnut Place, $3,000.

* L S Roofing LLC, tear off and replace roof for owner Joan M. Fedor at 150 Lake Ave., $12,000.

* Connor Fence Co. Inc., install 217 feet of chain-link fence for owner Michael Pacini at 313 N. Marvine Ave., $3,998.

* Connor Fence Co. Inc., install 56 feet of vinyl privacy fence at 118 Dunning Ave., $2,498.

* Connor Fence Co. Inc., install 55 feet of wood privacy fence for owner Jonathan Borsa at 11 Lawton Ave., $1,698.

* Cannon Pools, install 15-by-32-feet kidney-shaped inground pool for owner Richard J. Piccolo at 33 S. Hunter Ave., $20,000.

* The Bank of New York Mellon, removed front and side porches at 11 Delevan St., $1.

* Elaine Brenneman, install 70 feet of fence at 20 School St., $1.

* Family Ties Contracting LLC, remodel kitchen and bathroom (plumbing not included) for owner Pamela A. Treat at 299 McIntosh Drive, $20,000.

* Tammi M. Jupin, repair front porch at 53 Metcalf Drive, $500.

* Handy Skills by Mr. Mills, install siding for owner David J. Homick at 6 Elizabeth St., $900.

* MTGLQ Investors LP, reshingle garage roof over one existing layer at 130 Cottage St., $1,000.

* T & E Apartments LLC, tear off and replace roof at 48-50 Delevan St., $500.

* Abe Lincoln Services NY LLC, tear off and replace roof for owner Ralph T. Terino Jr. at 215 Perrine Ave., $8,500.

* Four Seasons Roofing, tear off and replace roof for owner Kathleen Marjinsky at 104 N. Hoopes Ave., $14,700.

* Helmer Construction, tear off and replace roof for owner David Wayman at 72 Osborne St., $5,000.

* Auburn Siding, Window & Door, install siding for owner Steven C. Crosby at 265 E. Genesee St., $7,000.

* Scott Sweeney Contracting, tear off and replace roof for owner Donna E. Dann at 2 Garrow St., $3,600.

* Daniel P. Sincebaugh, replace front porch at 12 Perry St., $600.

* George D. Pidlypchak, replace existing deck with 16-by-18-feet new deck at 36 Richardson Ave., $3,000.

* Landmark USA Renovations LLC, install 16 windows for owner Harry W. Campbell at 212-214 Woodlawn Ave., $7,000.

* Richard M. Lattimore, install 10 windows at 19 Swift St., $3,000.

* Richard Snyder, tear off and replace roof for owner Dennis Quinn at 134 Swift St., $3,500.

* John M. Camardo, install 3 partition walls at 214-216 Seymour St., $500.

* A & M Graphics Inc., install attached, illuminated “Next Chapter Brew Pub” for owner Genesee Mall LLC at 100 Genesee St., $4,000.

* Richard Bishop, install 13-by-14-feet garage at 19 Bradford St., $1,400.

* Ronald Clark, remodel kitchen (plumbing not included) at 14 Frazee St., $1,000.

* Centerline Communications LLC, install generator on 7-by-4-feet concrete pad for owner city of Auburn at 85 Osborne St., $15,000.

* Early Childhood Development Center, commercial remodel existing space for owner Michael Luksa at 1110 Corporate Drive, $1,000.

* Arrow Fence Co. Inc., install 100 feet of vinyl privacy fence for owner Robin Madill at 33 Liberty St., $3,500.


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