Friday, 30 October 2020

Our Rental Kitchen Makeover (Part 1) – Before Tour & Design Plan

Hey guys, its Key from East And Lane, and if you've been following the blog, then you may know that my husband and I just moved into a new rental It's an adorable 1950's cape cod style home

We love the neighborhood and the exterior, but the interior needs some work Luckily, our landlord has agreed to give us a small budget to make some updates, and we're starting with the kitchen So today I wanted to give you guys a little tour of what the space looks like now Lets go inside! So here she is My dingy, dated, dark kitchen

There's so many problems I have with this space, but my main issue are these counters I mean aside from them being dated, they are just not in good condition No matter how much I clean them they just always look dirty, so this is definitely something I want to address for the remodel The floors are just as bad as the counters, if not worse! They are faux, brick, pattern beige linoleum I don't even know how to describe them

They're just ugly! So I'm going to be looking for a solution for the floors as well Now over here is where the washer and dryer is, and I hate having a washer and dryer in the kitchen So I want to move the washer and dryer to the basement, and if I can't do that then I'm going to have to figure out a way to conceal it And then the cabinets, they're all kind of funky Some of them don't have knobs

Some of them have different knobs Some of them don't close all the way Now, this is a rental, so I'm not going to replace the cabinets, but I do want to give them a little facelift I love that the kitchen has a nook, but we never even sit over here because it's so dark So the plan is to really just brighten up this space and just make it more welcoming and inviting

And then my favorite part about this kitchen is this dutch door! I think it's just the epitome of charm and character But right now it's not in the best condition, so I want to restore it back to its original beauty So basically the plan is to update everything from the counters, to the floors, to the door, and just make this space look and feel so much better Today I'm headed to a few stores to price some materials I always like to source materials before I start designing, because I don't want to dream up this amazing design and then realize I can't afford what I've envisioned

So this will give me a chance to see what things are going to cost, and figure out if I can even actually pull this off There's three things I need to keep in mind with this remodel First, it needs to be budget friendly We're working with a budget of around $1400, so by no means am I going to get my dream kitchen, but I can definitely make the space feel more updated Second, it needs to be DIY friendly

Which means no major demo or laboursome installs, the process needs to be simple, something I can do myself, and that won't take a lot of time And third, it needs to be rental friendly So I'm going to be looking for products and materials that can be easily removed or replaced when we leave, if necessary Now that I've priced some materials, it's time to start designing! Today I'm working on the design plan for the kitchen, and one of the problems I've been having is trying to find a solution for the floors I absolutely love cement pattern tile, but it's just way too costly, and the installation is not something I can do myself

But I came across a company called Quadrostyle, and they make vinyl flooring that looks like pattern tile I had them send me a few samples, and there are so many style and pattern options to choose from The installation is something I can do myself I can lay it directly on top of my existing floor And the best part is, it's removable! So that makes it rental friendly

I think this is the perfect solution for the floors Now, let me show you the plan for the rest of the space So I've gathered some materials and things from around the house to create a mood board, and this will help you visualize the design So here's the plan! Because there are some dated features that are no going to be replaced, like the cabinets, I'm going to stay true to the age of the home, but add some modern touches to make the space feel updated The majority of the budget will go towards butcher block counters and tile backsplash

New hardware will give the cabinets the facelift they need, and a neutral color palette will keep things fresh and timeless Then I'll add pattern and texture with textiles and decor So now that the design plan is done, the next step is to order materials and then I can start renovating! I am going to share the whole process with you guys So I hope you'll follow along, and hopefully get some design ideas for your own rental, or your home if you own So stay tuned for the next episode, and for more behind the scenes and sneak peaks you can follow me on social media


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