Monday, 17 June 2019

The kitchen conundrum: Are laminate or wood cabinets best for your remodel?

Wood or laminate: Is this a trick question?

If you’re in the market for a kitchen remodel, you probably think you already know the answer as to what material you should be using for your new cabinetry. After all, isn’t wood the best option all the way around – more durable, more aesthetically pleasing, able to be customized in numerous ways, and able to boost up the value of your home?

Not so fast.

For reasons unknown – perhaps because many people incorrectly associate laminate with particle board or plastic – laminate kitchen doors have gotten a bad reputation. Today’s laminate, however, can stand side by side with wood and prove to be the better choice for your project.

You can choose from hundreds of wood, stain and glaze combinations to create a custom look in your kitchen. Each stain and glaze is applied by hand and a company representative can show you limitless colors and styles to pick from. Kitchen Magic has recently introduced three new stain colors, as well: Dark Roast (a dark espresso brown), Portobello (light brown), and Driftwood (grey). All wood stains offer high-quality absorption and long-lasting, vibrant color.


Technology has allowed laminated doors to look just like their wood counterparts. Laminate doors are offered in 14 different styles, including raised and plain panels, classic cathedral, shaker plain styles, and narrow stripped panels. The most popular colors in laminate doors are white, grey, and dark wood, though there is also the ability to glaze colors to your liking.

The ideal way to view any samples is in the lighting of your own home, so be sure to ask a sales representative to bring you any colors that you see on the website when you receive your free consultation.


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