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Restaurant inspections for Sept. 5

Comments are taken directly from the latest Thurston County inspection reports, which are available at each food establishment, at the Thurston County Environmental Health Office and their website at For questions concerning these reports, contact the health office at 360-867-2667.

Reading inspection scores:

â–ª Attention should be given to the type of violation (red versus blue) and whether the restaurant has a history of red violations or repeat violations.

â–ª Red violations are those most likely to cause food-borne illness and must be corrected immediately if feasible or according to a compliance schedule established by the health officer. Example: not keeping food at the right temperature.

â–ª Blue violations relate to the overall cleanliness and condition of operation and must be corrected according to a compliance schedule established by the health officer. Example: a worn floor that needs replacing.

The Brick on Trosper

709 Trosper Road SW

Aug. 28: 55 red; 20 blue

Comments: Several food worker cards missing or expired. All employers must maintain a valid food worker card. Correction: Obtain and provide verification to inspector within two weeks. Hand wash sink in bar and dump sink functionality switched because hand wash sink hot water not functional. Hot water was available in dump sink but not stocked with soap or splash guard (sink directly adjacent to ice bar). All hand wash sinks must be stocked with warm water, soap and paper towels. Sink must be equipped with splash guard if food prep or storage occurs within 18 inches. Correction: Either repair hand sink or install splash guard on other sink and stock appropriately. Do so within two weeks. Raw fish stored over ready-to-eat/cooked chicken and adjacent to ready-to-eat spinach in cook line under counter reach-in. Raw (packaged) ground beef stored directly on top of packaged ready-to-eat pepperoni and cooked bacon. Raw animal protein must be stored below and away from ready-to-eat foods. Corrected: Foods moved. Pizza under heat lamp temped between 127 and 134 F. PHFs must be held at or above 135 F. Corrected: Items voluntarily discarded. Until examined, one bulb out. Replace bulb and do not use until unit maintains adequate temperatures. Salad on self serve line at 51 F. Sliced cheese in middle prep top unit at 49 F. Chicken, ham and roast beef in bottom cold drawer 44-47 F. Bacon in top cold drawer at 43 F. Cream in bar under counter reach-in at 44 F. PHFs must be held at 41 F or below. Correction: Cheese, chicken, roast beef and ham moved to walk-in. Salad voluntarily discarded. Adjust units and/or contact repair company if required for units to maintain temperature. Provide copy of work order/invoice when complete. Onions stored less than 6 inches off floor and directly under produce sink plumbing during prep. Foods must be protected from contamination during storage. Corrected: Onions moved. Several wiping cloths stored dirty and half dry on counter top. Quat sanitizer tested less than 150 ppm. Chlorine sanitizer tested greater than 200 ppm. Wiping cloths must be stored in sanitizer when not in use. Chlorine sanitizer must be 50-100 ppm, quat sanitizer must be 150-400 ppm. Corrected: Cloths moved, contact Ecolab for sanitizer maintenance, chlorine sanitizer diluted, tested at 100 ppm. Warewash test at 0 ppm chlorine, 0 ppm quat and 151 F. Staff unsure what sanitizer, no test strips available. If thermal warewash, must reach 160 F; if chemical, must be 50-100 ppm chlorine or 150-400 ppm quat. Correction: Contact Ecolab for maintenance, wash dishes in three-comp sink until repaired. Ice machine observed with mold build-up. Food contact surfaces must be maintained and cleaned. Correction: Increase cleaning frequency. Re-inspection required. Note: Review sink usage in kitchen with all staff, remind staff of dumping in hand sink policies.

Four Corners Grocery & Deli

11500 Bald Hill Road SE

Aug. 24: 40 red; 0 blue

Comments: There is a 10-pound chub of raw ground beef in frig, burgers and chicken burgers/patties were noted in 2008 as being pre-cooked, this has to do with your waste strength load on your septic system. Made changes, additions without prior approval even though addressed in 2016 that needed to contact Jerry Caird of our office before doing changes. Complete remodel application and submit in 14 days. No food worker cards on site. Put away in box and box not found, may have been discarded by painters or other workers. Obtain and have cards or reprints on site. New two-door reach-in freezer. Corn dogs in couple of hot case locations 118-122 F, burritos 114 F and 123 F, other foods (chicken, other deep fried foods, 137 F to 170 F). All cooked foods being hot held shall be 135 F or more.

Hot Ginger

1401 Marvin Road NE

Aug. 20: 85 red; 5 blue

Comments: Improper hand washing. Observed employee place gloves on without properly washing hands, same employee washed for less than required 20 seconds. Employee washed hands at food prep sink. Correction: Ensure proper hand washing with warm water (100-120 F) and soap at an approved hand sink for 20 seconds minimum by employees/PIC as required when required (e.g. after changing tasks). Bare hand contact with ready-to-eat foods. Employee rolling fresh rolls with bare hands. Correction: Prevent potential contamination by hands, do not contact ready-to-eat foods with bare hands, use barriers (e.g. utensils, paper, gloved hands) to prevent potential contamination with ready-to-eat foods. Improper use of time as a control. Facility using six hours for holding time without temperature control. Facility not using system for monitoring. Correction: If facility uses time as a public health control, facility must properly document, train and verify per WAC 246-215 03 530 with a time unit of four hours maximum. Improper cold holding temperatures. PHFs being cold held in dorm-style refrigerator, milk 47 degrees F. Correction: Ensure PHF in cold holding is maintained at or below 41 F. Voluntarily discarded. Improper equipment for temperature control. Two dorm-style refrigerators being used for open food and storage. Units absent thermometers. Correction: Remove dorm-style refrigerators from commercial use. Provide approved commercial units or relocate food to approved units. Re-inspection required.

Summit Lake Grocery

120 Wilson Road NW

Aug. 17: 10 red; 0 blue

Comments: Employee restroom hand wash sink lacks hot water and paper towels (water temp at 67 F). All hand wash sinks must be equipped with hot water and stocked with soap and paper towels. Correction: Paper towels supplied, hot water must be provided immediately.

7219 Old Highway 99 SE

Aug. 16: 0 red; 12 blue

Comments: Ice scoop at ice machine stored in utility bin that has debris, rags and old melt water. Clean and sanitize utensil, store in a clean and sanitary manner such as holder, hanger, etc. Evidence of vector presence, entry. Survey premises for entry points, obtain service of pest control operator. Mop sink is partially blocked by a few brooms and appears in-utilized. Mop bucket shall be filled and wastewater disposed at mop sink.

Foxy Lady Cafe

4120 Martin Way E

Aug. 14: 45 red; 17 blue

Comments: Person in charge unable to correctly answer (or demonstrate) proper food safety questions or tasks (e.g. sanitizer making, warewashing, food temperature taking/use of thermometer) and did not control food borne illness risks factors as demonstrated in violations observed. Correction: Obtain required knowledge and control food borne illness risk factors. Food worker card unavailable for only employee (not on site, email, etc.) and untrained (one week job unsupervised). Correction: Obtain valid Washington food worker card by Aug. 22, 2018. May not work unsupervised until card is obtained. Inadequate hand washing facilities. Hand sink used as dump sink. Correction: Prevent potential contamination, use hand sink for hand washing only. Improper cold holding of PHFs. Food in cold holding above required 41 F or lower. Foods in prep unit (top and bottom) 43-59 F. Dairy in under counter unit 44-47 F. Correction: Ensure PHFs in cold holding have internal food temperatures of 41 F or lower by taking food temps with scheduled frequency. Do not place food in inserts above fill lines. Food voluntarily discarded, times/temps unknown for prep unit under counter rapid chilled. Accurate thermometers unavailable. Thermometers absent in multiple units, thin tip thermometer absent. Correction: Provide and train on use. Place in units and have thin tip available for food temps. Not in compliance with risk control plan/plan of operation. Per plan review and three previous inspectors, restroom door not self closing. Correction: Repair by Sept. 1, 2018 to self close. Inadequate equipment for temperature control. Two of four units refrigeration not properly functioning. Unit turned down. Correction: Repair to properly function, must be able to maintain 41 F or lower. If broken, may not open until repaired. Food/food surfaces not protected from potential contamination, splash guard absent at hand sink. Correction: Prevent potential contamination, provide splash guard or relocate equipment and food outside 18-inch splash guard. Warewashing of blender tops improper. Blender tops washed with soap and water in hand sink. Correction: Prevent potential contamination, use hand sink for hand wash only. Properly wash, rinse, sanitize and air dry at three-compartment sink. Sanitizer test strips unavailable/not on site. Correction: Provide, use and train on use. Physical properties not properly constructed. Mop sink absent. Correction: Provide mop sink, compliance schedule to be developed, not to exceed one month. Re-inspection required.

No violations found

â–ª Coffee Central (7141 Cleanwater Lane)

â–ª Gringo Maniac (4525 Intelco Loop SE)

â–ª Taco Bell #031768 (5520 Corporate Center Lane SE)


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