Saturday, 24 October 2020

Kimberley Reist – IKEA Kitchen Remodel – Before and After

oh what do i not like about my new kitchen which I can't think of anything to say like this is gonna sound really weird but if I could just bring a sleeping bag in here and just sleep in here all the time this is my favorite room in the house now the lighting is like five times brighter this you should be one of the dimmest rooms in the house cuz we had an old florescent thing that we never we didn't want to fix anything out because we kept saying for 20 years Oh we'll get it done someday we'll do everything so we did be minimal amount of work in the kitchen and then we ended up having to do everything from top to bottom of course but I wanted a really functional kitchen I have a brand new island that I didn't have for 20 years and so for 20 years in this kitchen almost the only place to really cook was in this corner you couldn't really stand anywhere else there just wasn't enough countertop we had you know dish rack and all kinds of stuff here so the island was really really huge that's been fantastic to have and I love that so so much it's got power on both sides got a little countertop for me to sit at and then the pantry this on this side you can't see it on camera but it's completely different for the way it was when I first moved into this house we just tore it out and completely redid it with IKEA cabinets and it's just fantastic the amount of extra stuff I could put in here it's so much more organized so for me because I really love to cook I wanted aside from a glamorous kitchen I wanted a really functional kitchen that was really actually my priority and that's what I got like in spades everything is fantastic it's great to have new appliances but the cabinets are so organized my spices are in drawers in a way that works really really well for cooking again the pantry is fantastic all the storage is really good so for me it's just become I think it's a beautiful kitchen I love the way it turned out but it's for me more than anything just really really functional I can just love it in here I'd love to spend my time in here I've been cooking all my favorite dishes to just sort of test you out and see how it works everything works really really well and I just been cooking like a nut because because it's just so great to be in here it's a great kitchen now favorite room in else favorite room absolutely

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