Sunday, 29 November 2020

The Ewings Receive a Beautiful, Modern Bathroom Remodel

[Music] Thanks to Bath Fitter there's no need for demolition inside the bathroom, in fact Bath Fitter reps install everything themselves in just one day– without the hassles and headaches of traditional bath remodeling Start to finish for this job is going to take us probably six or seven hours, and you literally have a brand new bathtub, bathroom wall, fixtures when we're done

[Music] You had a great consultation with Bath Fitter, they do everything for you, so we don't need a whole bunch of volunteers right So tell me about the process like, so you are almost like the homeowner right? You were consulted with, you gave them your design choices– Their website was really easy to read and like go through it, so I picked out different finishes– it's kind of like a step by step process– and then by the end it just all makes one design concept Well you know the timeline It's almost as if you didn't need a designer, but I'm going to fool myself and say we do But the best part is, like you said, done in one day

These guys come in, they prepare the surface that they're gonna apply the materials – there's no grout, there's just a few lines that have to be cocked up, so there's a very little chance of water intrusion, and it looks brand-new and beautiful It's gonna be amazing, I'm so excited And how about the tub? They laser measure it, they created in their factory, and then they just tweak the fit when they get it here Did you see it done, it was pretty amazing I'm excited like I can't believe that it can all be done so quickly

One day and listen it's a permanent solution because of the high quality materials Yeah and so in this one I chose the subway tile, which is very on trend, but there's all kind of finishes and styles And you know Hilda's gonna have her master suite, she's gonna be able to relax and have her own space but the best part is, low maintenance And you know what Gunny always says, you got to have a good rain room if you're gonna do a makeover, he calls it the rain room Oh I miss Gunny man I wish he was here and not you

Thanks, appreciate that, you could always be stuck with Ryan [Music]

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