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Remodeling a bathroom for Under $100| DIY GOLD MARBLE FLOOR

How I say goodbye to my ex See you later Or I did not see you here What 's going on GAYES welcome to my channel Or should I say welcome to my bath! Because that's where we are today And today we do diy of my bath in the budget of As you guessed Only $ 100! Just like the last video! So, since we have a lot to do, let's just go to the video Because no one wants a 500-year introduction! We've done it before so yes lets start So the first stop is Home Depot Tam Tham Dum So we are here and as you can see the possibilities are endless Look at all those gorgeous floats here So what I'm going to choose today It's going to be the marble floor And I'm sorry my nail is broken So I will choose the one up there and as you can see The thing here costs only 79 cents for one piece Or $ 23 per package And inside the package you get 30 tiles So that's all I'll need for today So I'll just take it, and we'll go to another store yo nuwowo !!! So the next thing friends I'll need a lot of this metal scrapbook And that's only 376 I'll choose this gold, it looks metallic, so he must have such a shine So I'll take it If only I could reach him Problems of low people gays lol Two hours later So my next stop friends must be here in IKEA Because they still have pretty cheap things that I can probably find That I could make a shower with them So I guess we'll just go in, then follow me Well then because we do gold and there is a kind of shower This time I will actually take These handles that they will see really cute On my dresser, not a dresser I guess it's kind of a chest of drawers, so I'll take it So I will take but they are 7

99 So we subtract 799 from the budget And now we will move on, even though there are other cute handles here But it will look really cute, it will be bigger and more beautiful then take it So basically because it's services, we'll need brush services So I'll take it as you see it 99 cents And I promise you it will look Mosh I'll take it and make something amazing from the brush services in 99 cents So the next thing I'll take is the bottle of soap here, again it's only 1,49 I'm in the market for IKEA now Another thing I would have is the holder of the toilet paper So as you can see this is also 299 So I'll take these two I do not really take it but on display it's just for the video so stay with me So the next thing we need is this thing It's this double hook for towels So I'll take it, as you see my nail still missing lol So oh yeah lol So I'll take it and it's only 299 So it goes with me in my blinking bag Ikea's shady bag So of course because it's services we'll need candles I'll buy one of that from the middle class And one of that The larger the size, the more everything will be together 3 plus 2 it will be 5 USD Pretty sure I could buy it elsewhere cheaper but for my project right now I just do not have time right now so I'll buy it And we'll make something out of them 2000 years later You thought you'd come to my shower like this? No no no! Today we are actually being taught Eiderdrech Dance to the song in the Bulbulo I'm not kidding! But today it's actually You know, this is a very rare moment of mine holding a broom in my hand And I suppose that I have to clean the floor before starting So here's a rare moment I bet my mother will keep this video But "I have to do what I have to do" for the diy So yes, then the first step in this project I have to clean and sweep the floor and Just to make sure there is no dust and stuff This is the first stage Yu Gaias I'm sorry about the lighting by the way, as if that's what lol is This is a low-budget film by Hugh Gais Says goodbye to my Lax like that Goodbye So now we'll move on to the artistic part of the video It's our marble pavement here So now what I will do Basically the way it works It has a sticker on the back And by the way even if you rent an apartment it's all right, put it straight on the floor Because the glue on the back is not that strong So I can not believe it could hurt the real floor so much But in any case now we will move The important things So Now we'll get started and I know there's an Echo Given the fact that I'm in the shower as you understand, then I'm going to turn off the microphone and make a dub later As you can see we have progressed Look at the differences between each other So now and if you do not mind I will continue to turn my floor to rattle a mushy marble and I will immediately return So now I take these handles off because we're the news Really fast As you can see, I'm just screwing it out It's really easy and promising And we'll take the new handles The handles are like that 🙂 Do you see what Shikkak is? Hello? Look how it looks expensive Like me lol Yes, and now let's move on to the other hand, look at the carbons before and after before and after Tam Tam Tadhamsam Look how beautiful it is Okay so now I will continue with the other things Gais We'll go over all the things I bought in Ikea, and now we'll need to put gold spray on them I just want to show you something I've done really fast, so basically it's the class of soap And as you can see It 's a trick I' il show you And I just wrapped all the glass around, because I need the pump to stand while it dries So basically, Tam Taddam And so the glass basically covered everything well and everything is squatty So now I'll just take my scissors, nothing special here Hello Will open And we'll start painting with the book Good friends so it's 11 pm and I felt like And I felt I was still missing something, some kind of final touch and something touching So I'm here in Target and I wear a fake fur coat So now we'll just explore the store And we'll see what happens here So Ga'is I found this lovely thing now Type of storage unit above services And that's 2899 dollars I've seen something really similar to a movie at 1999 So I will check what will work with our budget Because I really need to finish with this project But just so you know there's a cheaper option than here And it seems almost the same So I'll see if I take it or the one from Walmart I'll see if I can get a coupon or something Or price adjustment So I'll let you know Look at this friends so I'm done putting together the The very cute thing about this storage unit So now what I will do of course I'll paint it so if you'll excuse me I'll be right back I'll just take it, and this is Leiner here too And that's what I'll do I'll paint it and I'll be right back So of course we can not leave our candles that simple and so what I'm going to do right now I'll make them really beautiful So what you need for it is wax paper The candles, of course You will also need wrapping paper (gift tissue paper) stick glue And adhesive tape Pen and scissors And a printer page so we can Paste them to each other I'll show you in a minute what we're doing with it Now I will go to my computer and I will show you the logo Let me choose and how I do it And it will be really Mosh Gais Okay Gays So from here you just go to Google and then just type Your favorite brand, I chose Chanel, of course So, as you can see the squares in the background, it actually tells me that there is no background to this picture This is a png file And good to work with it and hence all I did was just played with the size of the logo So that it could fit into the candle And then what you want to do You want to take the tissue paper You cut it to the size of the page in order to You can take the tissue paper and put it on a sheet of plain printer So you do not destroy your printer Because That no one has time for that And no thanks! And then you're supposed to have something beautiful like this Just make sure the page is taped to each other And once you've printed it Everything is good and you can cut the logo Just make sure the side that goes to the printer is the side of the tissue And what actually comes out will be printed on the part of the tissue paper and not on the ordinary paper So now you just stick it Lanner himself Really easy! As if seriously Yu Guys The video pretty much explains itself 🙂 Make sure you stick it well Hence you will only take the waxed paper and wrap it in the candle With the face And that's all, make sure you do for at least three minutes and that's all And once it's ready, whatever you do You just take down the wax paper Just very carefully And Magic is expensive Tam Tedam And then you should have something beautiful like that So because we are showering gold and marble, this faucet is not suitable and must go! And we'll find something else I suppose in gold Because I'm not really sure that gold books will work on it And we'll go Find something in our budget that will also look cute And we will immediately return Back to our standard program What I did just went to Amazon for my favorite store and this is not a sponsored video I wish it was But honestly they have full of cheap stuff That's really good! So, as you can see, I taped for a gold faucet And honestly It was a pretty easy search because I kind of fell in love with this here As if at that moment I checked only the measurements And I checked that everything was good I had ten percent so I did not pay 39 I paid only $ 35 as you see here So yes it was a real bargain I will not lie So as you see the results before you before and after Jesses Wedding sounds Gayesses See the shower How much is it over a sheet of paper? Everything is white, marble, gold Right Then you'll see the hook here I'll just show you how I put it on the wall! I just caught up with the hot glue! I did not want any nails in the wall! So it was really easy And look at this the unit is stored here Look at the candles Everything is stunning! And the glass of soap! There is no soap inside because it's a low-budget film as you remember! Right ?! And in the end we have the faucet here It's like Hello This tap of my dreams is like a fountain Hello Are you looking for me? (Lionel Ritzi in the background) Yes, I'm looking for you! Look at this, Gays! So this is all for this video and friends hope you enjoyed the video If you enjoyed, do not watch to give a huge hit and subscribe to the channel below For more videos like this and for more of me lol And this is how I will see you, my next Bodio! Thank you so much for watching the next kissing time

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