Thursday, 26 November 2020

NISD in construction mode

As students and teachers begin returning to their classrooms, Navasota ISD continues with numerous construction and remodel projects.

Lawsuit settlement update

After nearly a decade in litigation and negotiations, Navasota ISD was able to begin the first phase of the reconstruction needed near the band hall and gym. This construction was not part of the bond election and the funds are from the legal settlement that the district agreed to early in 2018.

According to Superintendent Dr. Stu Musick, the construction company and engineers have dug five holes, four interior and one exterior, to “assess the scope” of the damage and how to address it.

“One interior hole is outside of the bathrooms by the band hall, two are in the band hall by the wall and one is right outside of the choir hall doors,” said Musick. “There is a tunnel that is running the length of those four interior holes that have been dug.”

Originally, the engineers believed they would need to dig a nine-foot trench the entire length of the tunnel from outside the choir room to the offices. However, the district now believes that the issues can be addressed from the tunnel.

“This has the potential to save about a week on the schedule,” said Musick. “By doing the tunnel vs. the trench, the existing floor plan will remain in effect and no demolition will be necessary.”

Musick noted that the cost to backfill may cost more, but that the funds “will be made up since there will not be any demolition and reconstruction.” In addition, the workers found a busted pipe and water inside the tunnel area, but do not yet know to what the pipe connects.

“They are bringing in a plumber next week to scope that pipe and see where it comes from and where it is supposed to go,” said Musick. “So far, it (the pipe) is the only one they have found.”

Musick urged members of the high school staff to make plans for the end of summer and beginning of school to work around the construction areas.

“We will just have to work together and make it happen,” said Musick. “Remember the big picture, after some inconveniences for a few weeks, hopefully this problem that we have had for about 10 years will be resolved.”

2017 Bond project progress

The NISD Board of Trustees received an update on the project construction progress report from the bond election that passed in 2017. Phase 1 included the remodel of the NELC building, workforce solutions and Webb.  A payment of $1,592,036.91 was paid for the estimated $4,426,675.91 estimation for the first phase.

As of June 30, the construction company, has completed the following:

•The remodel of W.B. Bizzell Academy building, which now houses Workforce Solutions;

NELC remodel

•More than 90 percent of the HVAC piping insulation for the old NELC building;

•Foam insulation around the perimeter completed and new exhaust fans installed at all restrooms;

•all air handlers installed;

•HVAC ductwork is 95 percent complete;

•chiller pumps are installed and piped into system;

•boilers are installed and piped into system;

•pump controllers are installed and are wired into the system;

•suspended ceiling is installed by 80 percent for Phase 1

•new LED lighting controls are being installed;

•new raceway electrical outlets are installed at all classrooms where existing electrical did not meet code; and

•all data wiring and systems are being installed.

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