Monday, 23 November 2020

Missoula daycare re-opens after employee arrested for meth use


A daycare center re-opened its doors Tuesday after it was closed for cleaning when an employee was reportedly found using meth in the facility.

The newly renovated YMCA Learning Center has been upgraded with additional security systems and other improvements since is closed in April. 

In all, it cost about $450,000 to remodel the classrooms. Additional purchases of supplies and curriculum based material,which will tack on an additional $15,000 to $20,000.

With the new facility also comes a renewed commitment to create a safe environment.

“In our rebuild we looked at line of sight for every piece of furniture we purchased, and the classrooms, windows, and visibility. And then we also added security cameras through the whole facility in every space with the exception of our bathrooms,” said YMCA Executive Director Heather Foster.

Foster said she is also working to revise employee policies. 

The former daycare worker accused of smoking meth in the facility was in Missoula County District Court, Tuesday. Autumn Sienna Heinz, 30, is charged with endangering child welfare, criminal possession of dangerous drugs, and criminal mischief.

Heinz was an employee of the Y Learning Center for three years and primarily cared for infants.

In April, another employee reportedly caught Heinz hiding in cabinet in the daycare’s laundry room. Police said that she used the cabinet as a drug den to smoke meth.

In court Tuesday, Deputy Missoula County Attorney, James McCubbin said that his office has a long list of victims to talk to in this case. Because of that he said it will take longer than normal to get to trial.

Heinz is due back in court in September. 


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