Thursday, 22 October 2020

Porcelain Tile vs Ceramic Tile: Key Differences in Bathroom Remodeling Projects

Porcelain Tile vs Ceramic Tile: Which one is best for my bathroom remodeling project? Welcome to Burning Questions

I’m Mark And that is your Burning Question for today [ music playing ] I’m planning on putting new tile in my bathroom what do you recommend Porcelain or ceramic? Great question! Both materials work well in most applications So let’s do a quick review of both types of tile

Ceramic tile is more cost effective, not as dense and easier to work with as a DIYer Porcelain on the other hand is more expensive, more dense and requires more skilled hands and specialized knowledgeSo when it comes to bathrooms I’m going to use the more durable porcelain tile in the floor, shower floor and shower walls These are the areas that are going to need a more durable surface If I’m looking to use ceramic tile, then I will use it on countertops, backsplash and accent tiles

These are areas that won’t see heavy use Ceramics can be used on shower walls, I would recommend this if you are on a tighter budget Thanks again for joining us Send in your Burning Questions and I will put them out

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