Sunday, 25 October 2020

Master Bathroom Remodel

Terry Lehman and Rebath are donating a new custom master bathroom back for a fourth military makeover, Rebath It gets a little cramped in there with the standing shower, with the tub and then it being slippery

So I noticed right now you don't have any grab bars or anything ideally we would like to have some kind of bench yeah we can easily you know work with a bench and we have some options to put in grab bars that don't look like round bars Right here where you have a lack of storage and in vanity Space Rebath will do a great installation and where they really shine design and materials These are natural stone samples, these are come in a big sheet you know it goes up a lot easier you don't have to worry about grout Lines, tile you know, and clean and things like that just looking at the table like these to pop out to me Yeah that one's definitely my favorite

There's lots of different styles of cabinets that we can choose from I really like that one, I like that That one stands out

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