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How Much Does a Bathroom Remodel Cost and Why? | Bathroom Remodeling

so you're gonna remodel your bathroom you may want to know how much is it gonna cost so let's talk about that hey everybody my name is Alex Rodriguez and I'm the owner of Bay Cities Construction today I want to talk to you about bathroom remodel prices now before we talk about the ranges in price that we have articulated on the blog article located below I want to I want to answer your questions and I've been in business for a long time many many years we've done hundreds of bathroom remodels and I don't shy away from the tough questions so Dave (cameraman) is going to read off some of your questions that you sent to us over social media or asked us over the years during our design consultations – Q: "Do you mark up things like faucets and tile and things like that?" many many contractors shall way from this we absolutely mark up your materials we will mark up your tile will mark up your plumbing fixtures will mark up the cabinet's I have no shame and telling you that there's a mark over there it's a reasonable markup and it's a necessary marker and I'll tell you why if any of these materials fail I have to deal with getting them remove getting them fixed getting them swapped out okay that costs time and money now the markup has to be reasonable right I think it's reasonable to to charge for the time that it takes to to not only install them but also to be able to give you a warranty that you that will give you peace of mind if there's a warranty claim a warranty issue when any of the materials we don't pass it off to the distributor or a guy who installed it we are 100% responsible for all it and because we're responsible for it we we have to charge for it you know that's that's a markup if I send one of my guys one of my guys cost me about my leave carpenter let's say 50 bucks an hour if I send them the home depot and it could easily take them out and a half to go over there and come back get over your job and start working again if if I didn't mark up the cost of the materials that were buying think about it he, I may have paid him 150 dollars to go and get something that may be a $20 item okay so understand that in construction if you have hired a professional company as insurance and overhead and all those things there's going to be a markup to that and some of you may agree with that and some of you may not but just understand that that's the case well so could I buy my own materials because I don't want to pay the markup I don't want to try to keep my costs down so that is a tactic that many people feel is viable a good idea for keeping costs down so we've worked with customers that are bought their materials I'll be honest with you I don't like it I don't like to do it okay because we're responsible for it so I'll give you an example if we if you buy up a vanity and my guys go pick it up and somehow they damage it it's a total loss it's a loss for me because I pay them to go get the vanity and bring it back to your house it's a loss for me because I got to replace the cost of the actual damage that they caused right and there was nothing in it for us there was nothing in it for us but in my experience many times they don't buy enough material the material sometimes faulty and we got to return it back it causes bottlenecks throughout the job on under many points so I don't like it, in addition to in addition to we don't make any money on it so it's a lot of aggravation for for no incentive for us and I strongly strongly, strongly, believe that it has to be a win-win for you you have to get service that's timely and that is high quality and for us we have to be compensated for a time in the delivery of that service at a reasonably fair price if that balance isn't there that's just calling for problems during project is that why sometimes most of the time things take longer and cost more than in the original contract I think that's the biggest aggravation that people have with construction is that it took longer and it cost more than even what was on the contract okay unfortunately that is the nature of this industry of this business of the business of construction there's two reasons for okay there's one reason one of those reasons is directly related and falls back on the contractors fault the other reason is something that is very difficult to control the part of the contractor controlled the cost part of unforeseen things is when a contractor doesn't take their time in putting together a comprehensive solution to the customers problem the contractor used his years of experience to prove and see if there are things that need to be addressed so a perfect example is when do a kitchen remodel you very very commonly have to add more circuits because kitchens that were remodeled that were installed 20 years ago don't have enough circuits so oftentimes the adding of those circuits Inc it is beyond the capacity of the electrical box and you have to upgrade it the kitchen remodel trickle triggered a panel upgrade which can be three grand okay so what what I what I would say is I want to be one of those guys that catches that and says upfront a listen your kitchen is gonna cost X number of dollars but you're also triggering a panel upgrade that'll be three grand capture and identify all of those costs so that the customer knows before any demo is done that's that's on the contractor side the other part is that I don't have x-ray vision right like I cannot tell how much wood behind that wall has been termite eaten (Damaged) because you had a roof leak that you didn't handle for 10 years and that whole section of the wall is completely ruined or windows been leaking and there's a ton of termite damage right behind that window or your shower pans been leaking and it's and you have a lot of termite and dry rot damage underneath the shower pan that I can't see ,those deals you as a homeowner have to have will incur the cost of fixing them the question is do you have a good relationship with your contractor and you feel confident that the change order that is giving you for these things is reasonable and fair, that paradigm for understanding of that part of the increased cost is really important going into the project understanding that you contractor cannot cannot see doesn't have x-ray vision they cannot see things that are covered up so what are some of the other things that customers do or that happen with the budget to cause it to go up it's a very common situation where if you make any changes to infrastructure if you move a wall that is load-bearing, or that has venting in it, that action triggers a domino effect of cost the other thing that is that is probably one of the most aggravating things that I experience is when people change their mind we got a plan in a game plan we have a signed contract and then a day or two in everything has changed and mostly the change happens because they didn't have enough time to consider all of their options, and put together a comprehensive deal, but if customers change the plan during construction it's expensive I'm hoping that these things help you understand what can affect construction prices when you're considering to remodel your bathroom but I also want to go in in depth a little bit and talk about different price points of bathroom remodel okay so let's get into that So let's talk about money because that's what this blog article is about so what I did for you is I gave you three price points that pr in California, and I gotta I gotta kind of give you the preamble for this

I'm a contractor in California California is way more expensive to do this then the Midwest so if you're in Texas, if you're watching this in your in St Louis or Chicago, just understanding California's crazy, we pay way more for all of the insurances, if you wanted to do like a calculation to have an understanding for your geographic area I would probably discount 20 to 25% off of these prices that we're going to talk about so our basic level we're looking at between $22,000 and $25,000 and basically this is a bathroom that the footprint stays the same the shower stays in the same spot the toilet stays in the same spot the vanity stays in the same spot okay so you're replacing with new updated materials and these are materials probably that you could find in Lowe's or Home Depot I have another blog article that talks about how those costs are broken up by trade so like my tile and all that and we'll link it to to this article okay so you can have a better understanding of where that the money is going okay now the next level is what we call the mid tier level and I know if you're living outside of California probably gonna freak out about this bit of this price range right it's $25,000 to $33,000 okay that's a lot of money so let's talk about what goes into that Your vanity would, could be, at this price point a custom vanity you may have like this is very common in California I change over from a bath tub to a stand-up shower that change that cannot upgrade it's definitely an upgrade there's way more tile you have to fabricate a shower pan that is non-existent now you have to relocate the plumbing many times you have to move the controls what I've noticed is that people are spending more for these projects a really cool article that Turner Construction wrote the link is in this article you can link onto it it talks about the rise in construction cost in state over there, I think the last four quarters and they found that it the prices have gone up 495% I would say that the spending the actual dollars spent but here in my marketing California it's it's it's up way more it's gotta be 35% plus it has a lot to do with people wanting a spa type of experience in their bathroom right so there's niches in there and there's a shower one and the plumbing fixtures have diverters that move the water the wall jets and all of this kind of really cool stuff but it adds to the to the costs – that's how you get there the more features you add to your bathroom the more money it is the next price point is $35,000 to $45,000 and for some of you that are outside of California like that's crazy two years ago our year and a half ago I did a bathroom all where they spent a hundred thousand dollars okay in this bathroom there's definitely gonna be a relocation of some of the plumbing fixtures mostly caused by the expansion of the bathroom I would never say that you know you shouldn't spend more money to expand the bathroom the truth is if you're gonna spend the money to remodel the bathroom and there's things about the floor plan that suck you should deal with that you know even if it will cost you another fifteen or twenty thousand bucks because you'll be so much happier that you'll get more function out of the space that the money's worth it the worst thing that I would have a client feel is buyers remorse because he didn't do enough you spent twenty thousand dollars and $5,000 more you could have gotten like the exact stuff that you want take the time to figure out what makes sense for the budget and then you know suspend that money so the luxury bathrooms that almost always entails moving the toilet moving the shower location remember that master bathrooms all off oftentimes have a separate tub and shower so that's just way more plumbing fixtures to buy and if you go crazy buying like Newport brass, or super high-end plumbing fixtures you could spend I've seen we'll spend $20,000 $25,000 dollars on just the plumbing fixtures alone those are the different price points that we have found very commonly people segment themselves into and I hope that this has been an informative article for you an informative video please send us your questions your questions make the best content for us and makes content creation easier for us because we're making stuff that you actually want to watch my name is Alex Rodriguez with Bay Cities Construction reminding you

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