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Donating and Reselling When Remodeling Bathrooms & Kitchens

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Hey good evening everybody this is take 2 at Discover Your Home thank you again for joining me here on this awesome Thursday night going into the Memorial Day weekend and tonight I want to talk to you guys a little bit about when we're on a remodeling project and we're in your home I get a lot of customers that get this kind of overwhelming guilt maybe that they have these you know cabinets that are taken out on our countertops and stuff and they want to do something with it instead of just you know toss them in a dumpster so we're going to talk to you a little bit tonight about some ways to maybe donate or resell or maybe even eventually repurpose in another part of your home so so I get asked quite a bit in fact we were just doing a project not not too long ago and we had to dispose of some cabinets and stuff so I had a couple actually had a couple people who wanted to come and grab some stuff because the homeowner was you know it's a shame we you know we got to throw these things out is there something we can do so here's a couple things that I recommend to my customers and you do-it-yourselfers out there that might be able to assist you in what you can do the number one place I like to let's just say donate would be a company called Restore I don't know if it's in your community we have a couple located in the Chicagoland area here it is ran I believe by a division of Habitat for Humanity and they take old cabinets countertops sinks for example we ordered the wrong door had it stored at my shop for a number of years and they took it so there's a little bit of a process there you can you probably have to take pictures and send it to them and they'll kind of you know decide on whether they'll take it or not but I think it's a great place that you know hey they're taking it and they're using the money to build homes for people less fortunate and so I think it's a good thing it's a win-win situation so that's the first place I always recommend is Restore if it's in your neighborhood and then I mean they would let say I'm give cabinets, appliances, used appliances, used plumbing fixtures windows there again maybe you ordered the wrong door like we did on one project and we just had it sitting around so they took it they give you some sort of tax benefit thing I'm not quite sure ask your accountant check into that that's not my thing but I'm of the school that you know if I've got something that's sitting around and it's not of use, you know I'd rather see somebody make use of it and not only is it for good use but hey it makes you feel good – that certainly is not a bad thing so what could you also do you could resell there's some apps out there you can put it on and I don't know off the top of my head I just like drawing a blank but there are some apps out there that you can load it into your phone and you can put it online you have a picture and communicate directly with you there's also Craigslist you know it really gets back to if you decide you want people to come into your home to take these things a lot of times when we have a dumpster or a bagster on a project what we'll do is we'll set for the scrappers out there you'll find a lot of guys out in the neighborhood that are that are picking up scrap metals so just recently we took a cast-iron tub out of a project and I didn't even set it in the dumpster I set it at the curb the night before trash day and it's amazing how quickly it disappeared so that's one that's another area you can get rid of say an old tub or any sort of metal you know metal sinks anything it's metal you'll find that a lot of scrappers will come by and we'll either set it at the end of the dumpster or outside the dumpster so hey they can make use of it let's see what some other place hey families you know you got kids you know they bought their first home they need a little extra you know cabinet space maybe in the garage or being able to you know put it in their basement you know because a lot of times when we're taking on cabinets it's not that they're bad it's just that people are kind of tired of what they have and they want something new so let's go ahead and get it out outside the house or you can repurpose it for yourself and maybe relocate in another area of your home let's see DIY’ers, landlords, remodelers, interior designers, you'd be surprised on who might want your extra stuff they you know I've seen interior designers take cabinets off a job hey Elizabeth how are you thank you for joining me tonight I've seen them taken in you know paint repaint cabinets where they they dress them up and give them an antique look so there's a lot of different ways to take you know as they say one man's trash is another man's treasure and make make something useful out of it something instead of going into a landfill you know it uses our conscience and it's better for you know not having this you know extra stuff tossed in the landfill you know it's gonna help your community you're gonna maybe get a tax write-off or tax break or not sure what that is um let's see what else we talk about you just helping other people the negatives though, if you're gonna have a downside to this it really gets back to well if you're gonna take stuff out saying in a kitchen you're gonna have to handle a little more gently you're gonna find that might cost you a little bit more for your contractor to take it out so it doesn't you know beat it up or whatever but we generally we're on a project we're not usually running through there with a sledgehammer we're usually just taking things out in pieces and you know usually just setting in a dumpster or setting in the garage depending upon if the homeowner would like to repurpose it or give it away to someone else so there's a lot of different avenues are out there there's a lot of charitable organizations that will take it you just have to communicate with them what you have you might end up having to send them some pictures it might be a little bit of a headache but that's okay it's very good that you know you're doing something positive I really believe that it you know you take it and somebody can use it because it really is a shame because we've we walk into homes and we're taking countertops out or you know 15-20 years old that are there were granite countertops and they can be repurposed for something the sinks can be repurposed or or so many can use them for something that's in a positive manner so let me see if there's anything else I want to chat with you about if you're gonna sell on like eBay or Craigslist you know it's great exposure to sell your stuff you got to take photos, you got to post it online, downside is you're gonna pry off the store and you're gonna have people come over you know maybe they're not buying it the first time but it may be a good way to go ahead and get it in so many things or pay when garage sale time comes around, put them out there you'd be surprised on maybe one of your neighbors owns a couple rental properties you'd be surprised and what they might use for the cabinets or their little getaway home in northern Wisconsin or northern Michigan and use it in their shed or in their garages because a lot of times you know people will repurpose them and you say cabinets from their kitchen and move them into other areas of their home so hopefully this can help you out tonight to kind of get you down the path of you know easing our conscience and being able to do something really good for for ourselves for our communities and a for the planet so I want to thank you again for joining me and my name is Mark I'm over here I at Discover Your Home I also hey Bev how are you thanks for coming in late I'm just wrapping up here tonight but I just want to I just want to say everybody have a wonderful Memorial Day weekend we are blessed to be Americans and we are blessed to live in the best country in the world so if you get a chance make sure you go and shake the hand of a young service man or young service woman or vet anybody that served our country because they they fight for for us and and we're blessed to be here and we're blessed to have them as our our neighbors so you guys have a great Memorial Day weekend and we'll talk to you next week thanks again for joining me good night thanks so much for listening to this episode of Discover Your Home with your host Mark Lotz online at LotzRemodelingcom that's LotzRemodelingcom and on Twitter and Facebook @LotzRemodeling we'll catch you next time

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