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Benefits of Quartz Countertops | Bathroom & Kitchen Remodeling | Naperville

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Hey everybody, Mark here with Discover Your Home Hey Brian, thanks for joining us tonight, appreciate it What I'm going to talk about tonight is quartz countertops Well we'll talk about quartz in specific, talk about a company or product that I like to use I’ve used them for several years

The company is called Cambria Some of you are familiar with it They are a family-owned company out of Le Sueur, Minnesota and they make quartz natural stone surfaces, and you can use them in many different applications that we'll talk about several of them We're going to talk about the pros of the product itself, talk about some colors, talk about some edges that you can put on kitchen countertops, and why I like to use it, and why we're using it in a lot of folks’ homes, and hopefully this can answer some questions for you guys out there viewing us tonight Cambria quartz, let's talk about quartz and what is it? Quartz is basically a natural mineral in the earth and we mine it out of the ground

Quartz countertops or quartz material is basically mined, mixed with polymer resins so it's about 90 – 95 % quartz to 5 or 10 percent polymers They heat it together and mix it all together in a big batch, press it and they come out in large sheets like granite and marble So, where granite and marble is mined from the earth, quartz is also but then it's man-made So, we're looking at naturally Nature Made and man-made so that's kind of the two differences of what they are once they come to your home With Cambria, there's a lot of different things that I like about it

One, they give you a ton of color designs I think approximately 133, and they usually add three to four a year, and for the most part, you get a wide range So, you're talking from light medium to dark colors, maybe I'll show you a couple here real quick I'll show you these are some that we've actually got installed Let me grab one of them here real quick

This one is on the real dark side This is called Wellington, I’ll get it up a little closer there, and they're very dark You can see that there's some shiny fleck in it It's kind of a really dark brown with kind of some silver veining in it, looks incredible We did this sitting on top of a rustic Hickory cabinets for a customer of ours

His office in his basement Beautiful, turned out stunning The pros, the things that I like about quartz, number one, is it's a harder material than marble and granite so it makes it more durable, it's harder to chip, it's harder to scratch, and it's less likely to stain So, it's a pretty durable surface What I like about the quartz material, the Cambria material versus say a natural stone is, natural stones are a little bit softer and they are porous

If you get real close and you look down on it on a granite countertop, you can see these little pits in there That just the natural product itself, so a lot of times granite or marble will have to be sealed, especially in a kitchen application where you've got raw chicken and materials that you don't want to kind of leach into the surface So, you have to seal and polish a lot of the granite and marble that's out there So, this you don't, it's pretty durable stuff Real easy clean up

Everything is very mild soap, a nice soft cloth, warm water and you're done There really doesn't require a lot of effort to clean it It looks beautiful, that's certainly I have no doubt Every customer that we have put them in their homes, whether it was in a bathroom, kitchen application, office, fireplace, there's a lot of areas that you can use this product in You can put it on your floor's, backsplashes

We just recently did a project that we used it as a backsplash Turned out stunning and we're really happy to see it There again, what I do like about this is for probably most cases, what we use it in is kitchens, because you are working around raw foods If you get get some chicken or pork or beef on your countertop, you simply wipe it off You don't have to worry about it leaching into the surface

Very hard, very durable So, let's talk a little bit about some of the edge profiles that they have out there We're going to talk about three tonight I think they have roughly about 19 at the moment We're going to talk about three

I want to talk a little bit about the ones we use the most, the ones that we see a little bit and kind of a special one So let's talk about the Seacliff edge I'll turn it on its side here, you can see that there It's got a bevelled edge on top, it's not rounded, it's just a nice beveled edge This is what we're putting in, I would say probably about 85% of the time

A lot of the look is very clean that we're seeing today so this is a very simple clean look I believe this the Waterstone collection I'm not sure, it might be Buckingham but looks nice, very standard, and you can get them in 133 different color designs And they come in several thicknesses Standard in kitchens, what we've put in is three centimeters

This profile comes in two, three and four centimeters but this is pretty standard And that is called your Seacliff edge by Cambria Let's talk about and that's commonly use bathrooms and kitchen countertops We're going to go to a little more unique edge Let's take a look at that color, it's putting kind of kind of wild

That is the Aberdeen color and this is what they call the chiseled edge I'm going to see if you can see it on the side here, give it a little bit of a look there It's very rough, it's the Moraine edge by Cambria, and I don't know it's probably backwards there for you guys but it's very natural If you've got more of a natural-looking finished cabinet, folks are putting this in their basements where they kind of make… you know, in the Chicagoland here area, a lot of folks travel up to the Great North Woods of Wisconsin and Michigan and they like to do their basements in more of a kind of a natural North Woods feel So, this is kind of gives you that real rough texture look to it so in in a powder room, in the basement or maybe in your cabin

So nice, look, real rough finish, looks more natural You definitely want to go kind of a rustic feel The color with this is pretty interesting Probably not my choice but it might be yours and that color was Aberdeen with the chiseled Moraine look Then our third and final edge here is the mitered edge here

It's called the Rimrock Rimrock edge and this is two centimeters, and what this is really designed for, it's mitered at the pieces here and they kind of epoxy them together, they miter them and squeeze epoxy together and this is great for bar tops and islands And what it does is, it's a thinner material than that three centimeters, let’s lign that up It's a lighter in material but it looks heavier and appearance so this is great on kind of a bar in the basement where you got that nice big front edge People kind of lean up against

I believe this color is called Berkeley We've done this color, looks stunning In fact, last year we just recently did a kitchen with this countertop in the kitchen so there again, beautiful but very unique Also, you can see where customers are using the quartz for even furniture so there's some real unique things that they can do with it What I like about Cambria is I really love how they put everything together on their website, very classy

They give you a lot of information They also have an online magazine called Cambria Style so you might want to check that out, done beautifully They're just elegant, classy, they give you a lot of ideas One thing I really love is they have worked together with Benjamin Moore on a paint match tool So let's say you pick out the color called New Quay and they have four selections that go along with that color

And I'll tell you what, a lot of our customers like that because it's simple, it gives them a quick visual to what you have there, and works really well We've done it in several homes and people like the ease of the selection of color So, just kind of run through a couple of colors here for you That's New Quay These are the ones that are popular that we've put in the last couple of years

This is called Aragon Bradshaw Berkeley and Buckingham, and they're all very similar I know it's kind of hard to see maybe on your screen but they're very similar but a little difference Some have a little more black

The one thing about quartz is you get a more consistent look in a slab as opposed to a granite selection You can get these in samples of 3 by 3 and 12 by 12 I highly recommend whoever you are working with to get a 12 by 12 sample Get a couple of different colors in your house under different lighting And if you could, that would be that'd be wonderful

You'd be surprised on how much difference one versus the other will look Hey Manny, thank you for joining us So that's about it as far as the product, a little bit of the information We're going to come back and revisit some other profiles, other colors and other applications for you Hey I'm Mark

Thank you again for joining us on Discover Your Home We'll see you guys next week Thanks so much for listening to this episode of Discover your Home with your host, Mark Lotz online at LotzRemodelingcom That's LotzRemodelingcom and on Twitter and Facebook LotzRemodeling

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