Saturday, 5 December 2020

Bathroom Shower Grab Bars for Seniors Aging in Place | Naperville Bathroom Remodelers

Bathroom Grab Bars – Why do I need grab bars in my bathroom? Welcome to Burning Questions I’m Mark

And that is your Burning Question for today [ music playing ] I never really considered it for my home, but I recently had a change of heart Most of my customers that are over 60 usually asked to have one or two installed when remodeling their bathrooms People are living longer and they want to stay in their homes and remain independent as long as possible That is completely understandable

Well I just recently broke my ankle and my wife last year tore her MCL Wow what a challenge Showering on one leg and trying to keep your balance around all that water and soap can make for a precarious situation After spending sometime thinking about the need for a grab bar it may not be a bad idea that we start installing them as a standard item in showers and bathtubs Just think about it: kids with sports injuries, pregnancies, 50 year olds who break ankles and tear their MCL

Now I agree that most of the time we really may not need a grab bar in our everyday lives, but when the time comes it will be a welcome friend So if you are considering putting a grab bar in your new shower or by your toliet, I would highly recommend doing so Even though you may not need one today, I guarantee you will be glad you had it installed sometime in the future Thanks again for joining us Send in your Burning Questions and I will put them out

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